Save Yourself from Negative Energies?

You attract what you are. So if you yourself are negative then how can you attract positive? ….


I said that you attract what you are, yes I mean it. Some people believe that they attract what they want.

No one wants negative or evil for oneself, then why so many people suffer for none of their fault? The answer is that although they do not want evil or negative, yet they themselves are negative and have lots of evil or bad intentions stored away in the deepest recesses of the subconscious mind. So unknowingly they are negative and thus attract similar energies from all around in different ways.

Law of Attraction

A lot has been written about the law of attraction and most believe that the law of attraction means that you attract what you desire. But real life happenings do not support this version of the law of attraction.

Everyone wants wealth and comforts, but in spite of their strong desires how many actually get these? This is so because the fact is that you attract only what you really are.

So if you are negative yourself then even in spite of your desire you will undoubtedly attract only negative energies. So be positive yourself first.

Take Simple Steps in the Right Direction

In order to make you worthy of positive energies start today and take these simple steps:

• Sit in silence and introspect about what you are, know your negative traits such as telling lies, steeling, feeling jealous of others, deceiving others, trustfulness, inability to keep promises etc. and remove these from your character one by one.

• Eat a nutritious balanced diet and never overeat.

• Make a habit of going out for a morning walk in a garden or open space and also do pranayama. This will accumulate excess prana (vital energy) in your body and you will feel energetic and able to cope with difficult situations and stay positive.

• Sit in silence for at least ten minutes each day, close your eyes and calm yourself, make your mind free of all thoughts about yourself and your needs. Instead of these think about others. Think about those in trouble and distress. Feel their sorrows and send them thoughts of help, sympathy and compassion.

• If you have anything more than you need then share it with others.

• Help others irrespective of their cast and creed.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar