Saturn Is Said To Be The Greatest Malefic Planet


Saturn is said to be the greatest malefic planet which casts its negative results unexpectedly so it is natural that every one is scared of it. Saturn signifies untimely death, various types of miseries, loss in business, disgrace, deceit, jealousy, etc. but this is not the whole truth. Saturn who is the Son of Lord Sun bestows his blessing also, because he gives definite and stable results. Shani is a righteous planet. Benefic Saturn in kundali, makes the native organized, practical, hard worker, serious, sincere and straight forward. The native is full of confidence, aspiring, with great desires, economical, cautious, smart in work and skilled. The native is expert to take out the secret of others. Saturn influenced native spends his time in social and charitable activities and is of sacrificing nature.

This is only a fear that Saturn is malefic and an inauspicious planet which brings unlimited miseries. To cast off its negative results in its dasha and antar dasha, Navgrah Shanti Pooja should be performed.

Among all the planets, Saturn is the only planet which is kind in spite of its angry nature. It is said that, when Shani gets angry with anyone, he brings disaster into his life. But if he gets appeased with someone, he bestows all his blessings and make him a king out of poverty or showers wealth.

According to astrology, in the second phase of Sadesati a native faces low health, change in residence, financial loss, unnecessary expenses, family discords, mental tension, death like pains for near& dear ones, disgrace in the society, failures at work place, fear from the enemies, inauspicious results et. In the third phase of Saturn sadesati, the wife of native suffers with acute health problems. Beside this loss of wealth, change of place, quarrels, and miseries to the children, suspension, excessive expenses and other miseries start increasing. The first phase of sadesati is very painful for Taurus, Leo, Virgo, and Sagittarius rashi. The second phase of sadesati is more painful for Aries, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn rashis while the third phase of sadesati inflicts more pain to Gemini, Cancer, Libra, Scorpio and Pisces rashis. One faces three cycles of Saturn’s sadesati in his/her life. The first cycle is very painful, second cycle is average and the third one is again very painful.

In this way, Saturn completes its tenure in one’s life. One must have patience when Saturn’s dasa is in order to get rid of the pains and miseries and do some remedial measures to get wealth.