Rogagrastha Yoga

*Astrological Yoga indicating Weak Constitution and Sickness*

This combination or Yoga of Vedic Astrology is a malefic Yoga and indicates a person with probabilities of a weak constitution and sickness …


The name ‘Rogagrastha’ consists of two Hindi words viz. ‘Roga’ meaning disease and ‘Grastha’ meaning engulfed or overcome. Therefore the yoga indicates that the native has probability of being engulfed by or overcome by disease and resulting weakness.

You must remember one basic truth of astrology which is that all indications are only strong or weak probabilities and never certainties. With due care, remedies and thought power one can always overcome astrological indications.

When this Yoga is formed?
In a birth chart this yoga can be formed under either of two conditions:

(1) If the ascendant lord is conjunct 6th, 8th or the 12th lord in the ascendant.

(2) If the ascendant lord has weak Shadbala strength and it is conjunct a trine (5th or 9th house) lord.

Results of Rogagrastha Yoga

As a result of this yoga formed in a birth chart the native probably possesses a weak physical body and has tendency to fall ill occasionally.

Important Clarifications: (1) It has been observed in practice that the conjunction of the ascendant lord with the 6th or 8th lord is more harmful in terms of health than that with the 12th lord.

If the ascendant lord is conjunct the 12th lord in the ascendant then the native may, most likely, suffer due to stress caused by financial problems.

(2) In Vedic astrology general belief is that if the ascendant lord or lord of any other square house joins a trine lord then it becomes highly beneficial or favourable. But it has been observed in practice that if the ascendant lord itself is weak in terms of its Shadbala strength then it may not be favourable under above condition.

Real Life Example

In the following birth chart the ascendant lord Mercury is conjunct a trine lord viz. the 9th lord Venus.

Looking at the shadbala strength table 1 for this birth chart as shown below, we observe that the shadbala strength of Mercury is 84 only. A figure below 100 is generally considered weak.

Real Life Example

Table1: Shadbala Strengths of the planets Of the example Birth Chart

Planet Shadbala Strength
Sun 110
Moon 125
Mars 143
Mercury 84
Jupiter 106
Venus 129
Saturn 126

In the above chart the yoga gathers extra strength due to the mentioned conjunction in the 6th house of disease.

The native of the above birth chart suffered from weak constitution and frequent ailments in his life.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar