Remedies To Get Rid of Curse on Haunted Houses

Abandoned houses, where nobody lives and the house stays in dark becomes the dwelling place for ghosts and spirits.


When someone starts to live in such a house then they have horrifying experiences and stay distressed. You should use the following empirical methods to get rid of ill effect prevailing in such haunted houses.

• In the evening, mix some holy Ganges water in half a liter fresh milk of a cow. Then add nine drops of pure honey in it and put it in front of an idol of goddess Durga. Offer two red roses, burn some incense sticks and then pray. Now take the milk vessel and sprinkle it in all the rooms and finally empty the container at the main door forming a stream. Doing this for 21 days continuously eradicates all the problems.

• If someone has been affected by an evil eye, then move a piece of Alum around the persons head for seven times and throw it into the burning fire. It cures all kind of evil eye effects.

• In the evening on any Tuesday, make a lamp of cow’s dung and light it with the help of mustered oil, also put some Jaggery in it. Now put it at the center of the entrance door and make the person see it, whoever is affected by any evil eye. Later extinguish it with a leather sandal or a shoe to cure the effect of evil eye.

• On a Saturday or a Tuesday, color a new cloth with ground turmeric. Now put some celery in it and make a bale. Make the child wear it around his neck to safeguard from any evil eye.

• Make a chapatti of sorghum gain flour and heat it from one side. Now smear some butter on the cooked side. Now ask the child to put it at a deserted crossing around evening. This help in staying away from any serious illness and evil eye.