Remedies for Prosperous Business

Remedies for Prosperous Business

Prosperous Business – Some time tested simple remedies carry great potential to work positively to achieve certain results. It is essential that while performing the remedy you must have full faith in your mind. Even a little doubt as to its efficacy may nullify the positive results.

Prosperous Business

Here are some simple but effective remedies for smooth running, increased profit, higher sales etc.for your business:

For More Profit

This remedy will help your business run smoothly and bring increased profit. Make an altar with image or idol of Lord Vishnu. Light a lamp of pure ghee and a stick of incense and sit facing the image. Recite Vishnu Sahestranaam (1000 names of Lord Vishnu). You don’t have to recite all these in one sitting; you can do so in instalments of 100 each day, taking 10 days to complete. Try to do at the same time and place each day.

For Trouble free Business

Rudraksha beads come in different types as per the number of faces. Different types have distinct properties. You need to wear a necklace of relevant beads around your neck. If worn by the owner of the business with full faith then soon auspicious effects are observed.

Business TypeType of Rudraksh beads to be worn
Any Shop10 or 14 faced
Property dealing1 or 10 faced
Contractor Business11, 13 or 14 faced
Related to Computer hardware9 or 12 faced
Related to Computer software14 faced along with GouriShankar rudraksh
All other businesses5 faced

For Increase in Sales

Take a whole Beetle nut (supari) and a copper coin in your hand on the evening of Deepawali day and place these under a pipal tree. On the following Sunday pluck a leaf from the same tree and place it under the cushion of your seat at your business, your sales will go up.

For More turnover

On a Friday falling in the bright half phase of any lunar month take seven cowries shells (Kodi) and apply on these a spot (tilak) of Chandan (sandalwood paste), Kesar (saffron) and Rouli (red powder made from turmeric and lime) and keep these in the cash box of your shop. Your turnover will go up.

For Starting another Industrial unit

If you already have an industry (of any product) and wish to start another unit(of any product) then on a Saturday or Deepawali even in g take a piece of iron or an iron object from your existing unit and place it in the premises for new unit. This will ensure a good start and prosperous business.

For increased Profit and removing obstacles in business

Before leaving for work worship Lord Ganpati at your home by offering Laddoo as prasaad, and then proceed to your work place.

For expansion of Business

On a Deepawalievening mix camphor and rauli (red powder made from turmeric and lime) and burn it. Keep the remaining ashes in the cash box or tijori, your business will expand and prosper.

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Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar