Remedies for Obstacles in Love

Loving someone and having him or her love you back is the most precious thing in the world. Obstacles if any in the path of lovers can be overcome. Never let the spark of your true love fade away.


“The course of true love never did run smooth.”
William Shakespeare.

Where there is true love there exists God! True love is unconditional love and it is the greatest positive force on Earth. The above quote from works of the great author William Shakespeare carries the assurance that true lovers need not get discouraged by obstacles in their path.

If you are a true lover then no need to get discouraged by obstacles coming your way. Strengthen your love by some remedies given here and be positive, no negative force on earth can stop you from uniting with the one you truly love. Just strengthen yourself and wait with hope for the testing period to be over and then your love shall blossom.

Remedies that remove all obstacles in lover’s path

• For a boy truly in love with a girl the remedy as follows if followed sincerely with full faith will remove obstacles. You must perform it continuously for 51 days. A break even of a single day in performing this will nullify the effectiveness of the remedy.

Set an altar in the corner of your room preferably in the North or northeast direction. Place an attractive image of MaaDurga (Divine Mother). Light a deepak (pure ghee lamp) and incense stick and recite 108 times the mantra given below. You may use a Tulsi mala (Rosary of Basil beads) for reciting.

‘Patnimanormadehimano-vrita-anusaarineem, Taarnidurgsansarsagrasyekulobhadvaam’

• In case you are in true love with a girl and wish to marry her with her consent then find out when is the first Friday in the bright half phase of the Moon (ShuklaPaksh). You can find this from an ephemeris or by asking a priest in a temple. On that Friday obtain four small balls of silver and wrap these in a square piece of white cloth of silk or cotton and always keep with you as tied on your right upper arm.

• On Fridays take a cup of un-boiled fresh milk, add some sugar to it and pour it at the root of black berries (jamun) tree. Repeat this procedure till you succeed in marrying the girl of your choice.

• A girl and a boy who are in love with each other can increase their mutual love if they both, before sleeping recite 108 times the ‘Om’ mantra. Each should think about the other while reciting. The Om mantra acts like a carrier wave as in Radio broadcasting and carry your desires and thoughts to the person you are thinking about.

• Sometimes friction develops between two lovers due to some egoistic matter. If both truly love each other and wish to remove the obstacle then each should present a rose flower wrapped from below in red silk piece by saying, “I love you’. This will send a revival message of pure love to the heart of both.

• If you are a girl in love with a boy and desire to marry him then for removing any obstacle coming in the way follow this procedure: On the first Thursday of a bright half phase of Moon (ShuklaPaksh) take an old keyless lock in other words take only the lock and not its keys. Rotate the lockby holding in your right hand, seven times over your heads, in anticlockwise direction and then throw this on a roundabout and go away without looking back. The obstacles will be removed.

This remedy can be used by a girl or a boy who is in love and wishes to marry him or her. Starting from any Friday falling in the bright phase of Moon, daily recite 108 times the following mantra by sitting before an image of Lord Vishnu and Lakshami. Within five months you will succeed in marrying the one you love.

‘Om Lakshami Narayan Namaha’

“Just to end this article here is an ancient wisdom:

“Ancient lovers believed a kiss would literally unite their souls,
Because the spirit was said to be carried in one’s breath”

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar