Reason behind applying vermillion in head after marriage

Why do Hindu women apply vermillion on their head after marriage?

Applying red or orange vermillion (sindoor) in head is one of the most important rituals for hindu women to follow after marriage. You must have seen almost every hindu married women doing so and thought that what is the reason behind this practice. So, the most common and well-known reason behind applying sindoor on head is that it is a compulsory act done by hindu women to make her marriage lifelong. According to Hindu mythology, women apply vermillion on their hair with the wish that it will increase their husband’s life. Applying vermillion by the wife is symbol of long life for husband and it attracts good fortune.

vermillion After Marriage

vermillion After Marriage

Scientific reason

Applying vermillion is not only ritual but also leaves positive effect upon the health of the women who applies. As it is made up of turmeric and lime, it helps in releasing stress. It also helps the brain to be active and alert. Scientific studies say that application of vermillion on head also helps in balancing the blood pressure.

You will love to know that vermillion is good for enhancing the power of concentration. You can work in a better way and more attentively. Presence of mercury in vermillion works as an anti-ageing agent. Also, red color is known for good vibes and it is affiliated with strength, happiness, energy and beauty, so it’s good for mental and physical health of the lady who uses it.\

Mythological reason

Mythology says that when a woman applies vermillion, it brings positive vibes for her marital life and makes her fortunate. It helps her to avoid evil eyes and stay happy. According to a mythological belief, there are five places of Goddess Lakshmi in the earth. One of these places is our head. So, applying the favorite red color of Goddess

Lakshmi on head brings happiness and prosperity.

On the other hand, hindu epics says that a person whose wife fill their parting of hair with vermillion gets lots of fame and recognition in the society.

Spiritual reason

Scientifically, vermillion helps females to stay calm and happy. It is important because they face various up-downs in their everyday’s life which can make their mind distracted. To stay calm and avoid tension, the mercury present in vermillion helps them alot. The place where women apply vermillion in the middle of the head is called, ‘brahmrandhra’ which is known as a gland. This is a very sensitive part and application of sindoor here keeps this place cool and calm.

How to make your own herbal vermillion?

One should always remember that whatever benefits of sindur are mentioned above can be enjoyed only when you use original sindur. The real sindur having mercury in it will not be cheaper in price. So, you should try to find ayurvedic sindur for yourself. Original sindur resolves the problem of insomnia, hair fall, wrinkles and stimulates pituitary gland.

Herbal sindoor is better than the commercial one for daily use. You can make it easily by mixing turmeric, alum and borax together. Add a few drops of lemon juice in it and keep it safe in a small box.