Planets in the 8th House of Birth Chart

The 8th house in a birth chart, as per Vedic astrology principles, is mainly the house of longevity in addition to many other things concerning the native’s life. This article describes some key results for each planet placed in this house.


The 8th house is generally considered the house indicating longevity. But in addition to longevity it also indicates mode of death, ability or power to think deeply, unexpected conditions and dangers in life, financial status of the spouse etc. etc.

The 8th house like all other houses of a birth chart is a storehouse of many indications concerning some particular area or aspect of the native’s life. All indications of this house cannot be described in a short article; however some key indications are mentioned as follows for each planet placed in this house:

The Sun: The Sun placed here under favourable conditions gives long life but under afflictions gives unhappy life.

The Moon: Under favourable conditions it gives a generous heart but under afflictions one may develop mental ailments.

Mars: Under afflictions one may have a short life but if Mars here is under favourable conditions and aspects then the native may become an authoritative ruler.

Mercury: Under favourable conditions Mercury placed here give good qualities and prosperity but under afflicted conditions the native may suffer from health problems.

Jupiter: Under favourable conditions Jupiter placed here gives long life and death without suffering but under afflictions or unfavourable conditions it gives unhappiness and struggles.

Venus: Under favourable conditions one is bestowed with many blessings and wealth but under afflictions one may suffer due to emotional problems.

Saturn: Saturn placed in this house under favourable conditions may give long life but a life full of responsibilities. Under unfavourable conditions Saturn here gives ailments of eyes or lungs.

Rahu: Under unfavourable conditions the native may suffer in life but under favourable conditions one may be successful in research work.

Ketu: Under favourable conditions the native enjoys prosperity and lives long but under unfavourable conditions one may develop bad habits and become lustful and greedy.

Important Note: All the above indications are general in nature and may modify completely under various astrological influences in an actual birth chart.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar