Permeate Your Home with Happiness


Here are a few steps which if followed will saturate your living place with an Aura of Happiness.

Let not the Negative Energy enter your Home

In the entrance gallery of the house keep a set of shoes or slippers for each member exclusively for wearing inside the house, use different shoes for going outside. This simple act will prevent bringing the outside negativity inside your home.

Let Your House Space Calm Down

Burn a thick stick of good quality incense in your house regularly in the morning as well as in the evening. This will tranquilize the living space.

On returning from outside relax for a while in the entrance gallery. Sit calmly, inhale a deep breath and exhale over a longer period. Repeat this for a couple of times. Get rid of all disturbing thoughts before entering the living area of your house.

Let Cleanliness and Order Attract Happiness

Clean and clutter free living area is very essential for attracting vibrations of happiness. A well organised house sets waves of ease through free flow of energy. Setting a place for things like keys, newspaper, shoes etc. not only displays an organised living space it also makes it easy to locate these items. If you can’t find keys or any other item in time then you disrupt the environment through waves of anger and agitation.

Let a Clean Mind Cleanse Your Home Space

Clean up your mind of disturbing thoughts or anxiety by regularly sitting calmly in meditation. A meditative session of even fifteen minutes in the morning and evening will help in calming the mind which in turn will cleanse the home space.

Let Nature Enter your Home

Let fresh air and natural light enter your living area through windows and doors. Keep potted plants in the gallery or veranda. Plants such as Aloe Vera, Mother-in-law’s Tongue or snake plant, spider plant, money plant as also indoor plants with large green leaves attract positive energy.

Let Sound Sleep make you Happy

Sound sleep is a must for peace of mind and happiness. Give extra care in setting up your bedroom. Locate your bedroom in a peaceful area of your house. Avoid keeping television in your bedroom. Avoid using your bedroom for any strenuous work. By experiment find out the best direction wise orientation of your bed which gives you most relaxing deep sleep.

Let Colours Harmonize Your Surroundings

Incorporate blues, lavenders, greens, peaches and other soothing earth tones into your home. Let your intuition guide you in right colour selection for walls and curtains etc.Light a blue, lavender or cream coloured candle for relaxation. Use yellow and orange colour in your study room or office area.

Let Nature Sounds Harmonize Your Surroundings

Sounds of bells, wind chimes, fountains, water falls etc. will help bring nature in your living space which in turn will attract happiness and harmony.

Indoor water-fall or fountain models kept in such a way that the water falls towards inside the premise bring in positive waves of happiness and tranquillity.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar