Period (Dasha) of Rahu in Education


All indications in a birth chart are probabilities only and never certainties. The chance of rectification of any probability is during the planetary periods also called Dasha of relevant planets and supporting transits.

There is a general view that period of the planet Rahu during a child’s education cause interruption in some way or result in poor performance of the child.

But keeping such a view in general is not right as results to the contrary have also been seen. Analysis of many horoscopes has revealed that the natives performed well and in some cases even excelled during such periods.

Evaluate Rahu in a Birth Chart …

Before predicting any negative results one needs to analyse the position and condition of Rahu and other planets in a birth chart. Planet Rahu like any other planet cannot be labelled as malefic or evil in all horoscopes.

In addition to the sign and house wise position of Rahu, also consider the nature of the constellation or Nakshatra in which Rahu falls in a chart. The constellation lord and its position in a chart may override other conditions

A Practical Example …

Here is a birth chart of a native who performed very well in education during the period of Rahu. In this chart Rahu is placed in Pisces, the sign owned by Jupiter; an enemy of Rahu and not only that Rahu is conjunct Jupiter forming a malefic Yoga known as Guru-Chandaal Yoga. So how in spite of these negative indications Rahu proved favourable? The answer lies in the fact that Rahu in this chart falls in the Constellation of Mercury.

Mercury is friend of Rahu and significator of Education and in this particular chart it is the lord of the auspicious trine house viz. the 5th house. Also Mercury is well placed in the ascendant.


This example highlights the importance and role of Constellations. Many astrologers ignore the constellations in their analysis.

It has also been observed that favourable positions of Rahu in a chart help in education of technical and science subjects in particular.

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Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar