Role of the Panchtatvas in Vastu, Panchtatvas in Vastu

Panchtatvas mean the Five Elements and the Panchtatvas in Vastu play a crucial role as you will discover in this article.

Panchtatvas in Vastu

Before we deal with the role of the Panchtatvas in Vastu, let us see what our major scripture say about these Panchtatvas. The following verse from Yajur Veda tells about the origin of these “Panchtatvas” also called the “Panchbhootas”:

“Tasmadva etasmadatmana akash sambhutah,
Akasadvayuh, Vayoragnih, Agnerapah,
Adbhyah prithvi, Prithivya osadhayah,
Osadhibhyosnam, Annat purusah |”

The above Sanskrit verse states that, “ From the supreme soul ‘space’ or ‘Aakasha’ came into being from space wind, from wind fire, from fire water, from water earth, from earth plants, from plants food, from food man came into being.”

These Panchtatvas are Wind, Fire, Water, Earth and the Aakasha which nowadays is referred as Space. The Panchtatvas in Vastu play a very significant role as discussed in this article.

Assignment of Areas to Panchtatvas in Vastu

In Vastu Shastra the areas and directions assigned to the five Tatvas (Elements) are as shown in the sketch below:

Significance of Panchtatvas in Vastu

As per the Vastu Shastra each Tatva viz. Element signifies some specific things as described below:

AIR (Vayu): Air Element is essential for all life on this earth. The Northwest is the main direction of Air element. The senses of hearing and touch are related to the Air element. A defect free Air element area in a building aids efficient communications among the residents. Avoid stairs and heavy articles in this area.

Inside the human body it represents movement of muscles and intestines and the respiratory system. It signifies thoughts, feeling of touch, all types of desires. In the macro cosmos it represents movements of celestial bodies and air. The sense organ of Air element is skin.

WATER (Jal): There is abundance of water on this earth. In Vastu the main direction for water is the Northeast. Drain water flow in a building must be towards Northeast. Since Jupiter rules this direction in Vastu so it is very auspicious direction. Avoid locating a toilet in this part. Taking care of this element bestows fearlessness, mobility and prosperity.

If a water body is located near a house or business premises it keeps the energy flowing and prevents stagnation. It is the driving force for smooth movement and the flow of life. Proper flow of water can ease tensions and allow the good vibrations of the life force to enter and nourish us. The sense organ for this element is the tongue.

FIRE (Agni): Main direction for the Fire element is the Southeast and planet Venus rules over it. This is the right place to locate all fire and electricity related items. This is the best direction for a kitchen. The Fire element is responsible for courage, inspiration and zest for progress. Fire is a transforming energy and gives shape to our ideas. All heroic accomplishments are due to this element in a human. Within our body it is the digestive power. The sense organs for Fire element are the eyes. Taking care of this element in a building gives good digestion, enthusiasm and drive for life. In business related premises taking care of this element increases the demand in the market of products and services of that business.

EARTH (Prithvi): The earth element is very important in Vastu and the land of a plot before purchasing and starting construction on it needs to be minutely tested as per Vastu principles. The main direction for the Earth element is southwest. Planet Rahu governs this direction. Avoid underground water tanks, wells and heat related items in this part. The sense organ for this element is our nose.

If this element is balanced in premises due to absence of relevant defects the residents enjoy health, wealth and stability. It also bestows long lasting and cordial relationships.

AAKASHA (SPACE): In vastu the central area of a plot or building called the Brahamsthana belongs to this element. A defect free central area can save the residents from many ailments and troubles. In some parts of our country e.g. Rajasthan the buildings used to have an empty space in the middle. The sense organ for Aakasha element is our ear.

A balanced Aakasha tatva in a building gives good digestion and healthy lungs. Also the occupants of that building keep good thoughts and develop spiritually.

Thus we see that the Panchtatvas in Vastu need greater attention and care.

Article By: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar