Palmistry And Prediction


A Primary Introduction To Palmistry

Palmistry is not a new word for those who want to know their future. Palmistry is an art, whereby we can know our past, present and future by the shape of our palms, the lines and mounts on the palm and so on. Palmistry is like an ocean, so it cannot be completely explained within limited articles. In this series we will be discussing palmistry twice in a month, featuring the influence and effects of various lines, mounts and features.

Some people believe palmistry is not a science like astrology, but we can say that palmistry is science, because the lines and shape of the palm never change once they are established. If the lines were to be changing often and frequently, who would trust palmistry?

Admittedly, darkness can develop in lines, which is seen as or in light. Palmistry is the ideal way to know your future, but it is only working as our guide. It is the mirror of our life, so we can predict many matters surrounding our human lives, including nature, business, health, finance, likes and dislikes etc.

If palmistry is false, why do policeman take fingerprints of the person who is involved in crime? In medicine and in ayurveda, the doctors and vaidyas examine the nails of the patient and can predict disease from this. The examination of the nail is part of palmistry. In India the impression of the thumb is needed in court stamps. These are things that show how palmistry is very helpful to us.

In Palmistry there are two divisions.

[1] Chirognomy This covers shape of the hands, colours and textures of the palm, fingers, thumb etc.

[2] ChiromancyThis covers the analysis of lines and assigns meaning and signs to lines and mounts.

Basic Palmistry

Let us begin with the basic details of palmistry.

Some different kinds of palms:

[1] Soft Palm:
This palm becomes red when we press it. The person having this kind of palm is cool by nature and sometimes is found with feminine characteristics. Such individuals are very sensitive. If the softness is reduced and the palm is harder, the person is becomes more active. He then performs his duties very well and can become a good businessman, or lawyer by profession. Such people however are inclined to be quite lazy.

[2] Very soft, Red Or Dry Palm:
Persons with this kind of palm can be very dangerous. They are not ready to understand anyone else’s position and behave entirely in their own way. They love giving orders, but are not ready to do anything themselves. Sometimes cruelty arises in their minds and they become criminal in nature. They give up their study and their intelligence level is low.

[3] Hard Palm:
Hard palm is not considered good for anyone, but if the lines are thin in Hard palm, it is good sign. Where the lines are thick, the person is a struggler. Hard palm is an indication for result less efforts. Here examination of lines and mounts are most essential. If the lines and mounts are not satisfactory, the person cannot become a smart worker. If the palm is thin, the person is of a very conservative mind and an unsuccessful hard worker.

Now we shall consider the size of the palm.

[1] Narrow Palm: Individuals with a hand that is narrow are considered selfish and untrustworthy. They are unable to understand and work always according to their own style.

[2] Broad Palm:
Persons with a broad palm will act in their own manner and will do things according to their own wishes. No one can stop them. Once they have decided to do something they do it by any means they can. Once they think no one can stop them.

[3] Very Broad Palm:
These people are not able to take the right decision at the right time. Sometimes they are hypocritical and behave like very brave men, when in fact they are speaking loudly, but not doing more than that. Such people cannot complete their work in a specified time. Their plans for the future are usually baseless.


The persons with this kind of palm are very excitable and unpredictable. They will get angry in a moment, for no apparent reason. They mainly suffer with liver problems. They are conservative and doubtful by nature and never make any suitable plans for their work. Even if they are doing something for society and religion, they do it only on account of their own prestige.

These individuals are inclined only to doing laborious work, by day and night. By nature they are rigid. They do not have a good balance of thinking, so sometimes they behave like foolish persons. If individuals with this kind of palm are educated, they are inclined to be selfish too. Their contacts are not wide.

This palm is a much better palm than the above two. If such people want to become something, they will. They are inclined to have a large group of friends and are optimistic and self-reliant. Theses types are always happy and never feel envy towards others. Monetary problems, however, will always be in their lives.