Nitty-Gritties of India-America Relationship

India and America represented by planets Jupiter and Mars respectively seem to have more than average compatibility, but with divergent interests….


The planets Mars and Jupiter in terms of Vedic Astrology are friendly towards each other. This friendship is supported by high degree of integrity, mutual trust and selfless ness only if Jupiter and Mars are in their pure state free from afflictions. Let us evaluate the actual position of these in charts of both countries:

Evaluation of Jupiter in the Chart of India


Jupiter the ascendsant lord is placed in the 11th house of Parliament and represents the people and the ruling party and wealth of the country.

Jupiter is with its friend the Sun and its enemy Venus. Venus is retrograde and also Jupiter is under aspect of Ketu. So Jupiter is not in very healthy position and indicates misuse of resources, lack of maturity and scandals.

Evaluation of Mars in the Chart of America


Mars is the ascendant lord as well as the lord of the 6th house of wars, public amity, relations with neighbours, political stability, financial solvency of the nation, litigations, judicial functioning, communal harmony in the country and labour relations etc.

Mars occupies the 8th house of its enemy Mercury. Mars is conjunct its friends the Sun and Jupiter and its neutral Venus. Also Mars is under aspect of its enemy Saturn. So Mars is also not in a pure state. Mars therefore indicates bossy attitude, Superiority complex, overspending on wars and other unimportant issues and fooling even its own citizens in the name of National security.

Compatibility Based upon Elemental nature of Signs

For this evaluation we may consider three crucial astrological constituents viz. the ascendant sign, the Moon sign and the Sun sign in each chart. The following table may be referred.

CountryAstrological FactorSignsElemental CategoryCompatibility
India/AmericaAscendant Sign of ChartPisces/ ScorpioWatery/WateryYes
India/AmericaMoon Sign in ChartAries/AquariusFiery/AiryYes
India/AmericaSun Sign in ChartCapricorn/GeminiEarthy/Airy*Please read comments below

In case of the ascendant signs both are watery signs so both countries are sensitive to each other’s needs, but drift away from other’s priorities. So both are compatible just to say ‘hello and hai’ but not of much long term practical use to each other.

The Moon sign compatibility is good and will tend to ensure that the countries do not cause much harm to each other and live in peace.

*The Sun sign compatibility needs to mention that compatibility in this regard will be good only if both sides stick to their specific roles in matters of concern. America with Airy sign has great ideas in technology and atomic science and India with its Earthy sign can make it happen practically. But America with Airy sign needs to show persistence and pragmatic approach in all commitments with India.

Overall Conclusion

Yes both can be of utmost help to each other and can counter the negative forces of communism, but for that America needs to purify its Mars through breaking the shackles of its control by the parallel government of negative forces within.

On the other hand India in order to get more out of its relationship with America must focus on its priorities, stability and honesty of government and control and censorship of news media. Rumours and sensational presentation of certain national issues can cause much damage to national integrity.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar