Narak Chaturdashi


This year, Narak Chaturdashi is on 29th of October 2016, Saturday

When Narak Chaturdashi is celebrated?

Fourteenth day of Kartik Krishna?s known as Narak Chaturdashi. This day Lord Krishna killed Demon Narkasur.

Rituals of this day

Bathing on this day is having religious importance. On this day to get rid of Narak (Hell), oil massage should be taken before bathing at the morning. At evening, deeps (lights) should be lightened for Yamraaj. At night, any odd numbers of deeps e.g. 11, 21 or 31 are lightened in the house (inside and outside both).

How to worship Narak Chaturdashi?

As mentioned above, Lord Krishna executed Demon Narkasur on this day so Lord Shri Krishana is worshipped with garland, incense sticks, deeps and rice by reciting below mantra:

Vasudev sutam devam, narkasur mardanam|
Devki parmanandam, krishnam vande jagadgurum||

People who are worshipping in this way are becoming free from all their sins.

Story of Narak Chaturdashi

In ancient times, there was a king known as Rantidev. He was very religious and kind in his past-life. Because of the good deeds of his past life, he became a good human being in the present life. When he was about to die and messengers of Yam came to take his sole, they said to him angrily, ?O King, we have come here to take you to the hell with us.? By hearing this, king was shocked and he asked them for the reason to taking him to the hell. They replied, ?O King, you are famous for your good deeds in this world knows however, your misdeeds are known only by the God.? King asked, ?Please do let me know about my misdeeds so that I can find out the solution for the same.? They replied, ?Once upon a time, a hungry Brahmin returns from your door and that is the reason you?ve to go to the Hell.? By hearing this, King requested to the messengers, ?Please give me only one year?s time.? Messengers accepted his request immediately and they went back. King went to the sages to find out the solution of this problem. Sages said to him, ?O King! On the fourteenth day of the Kartik Krishna Paksha you should fast and worship to Lord Krishna, feed the Brahmins, give them donations and alms, tell them about your previous offence, request them to forgive you for the same and then you will be free from all your misdeeds.? King did the same as he was suggested by the sages and he was forgiven from all his misdeeds and redirected towards the Vishnu Lok (Heaven).

At night drainages are lightened by deeps (lights) to keep away Narak. It is said that Goddess Lakshmi is entering in house only in the absence of Narak.