Narak Chaturdashi 2023, Kali Chaudas 2023

This year Narak Chaturdashi 2023 is celebrated on the same day of Diwali. It comes on the 14th tithi in the dark fortnight in the month of Kartik. It is called as Roop Chaudas and Kali Chaudas. It will be celebrated on 12 November 2023 this year. It is important to know the importance of narak chaturdashi and how it is celebrated.

Narak Chaturdashi 2023

Narak Chaturdashi 2023

Maa Kali Worship

Goddess Kali is worshipped on this day. Narak Chaturdashi is the occasion for doing pooja of Maa Kali. People worship her to get the boon of strength and courage that is needed to overcome the dark and evil forces. Doing Kali pooja on this helps in protecting you from people who indulge in evil acts. Goddess Kali destroys and kills all types of evil, wrongs, and negative forces. You will get victory over your opponents and enemies if you do Kali worship on this day.

Occult and Tantrik Rituals

The 14th tithi or chaturdashi is best for indulging in the occult. People do Tantrik rituals on this day. If you want to remove the evil from your or your loved one’s life, you can do some remedies on Narak Chaturdashi. Contact an astrologer to find problems in your kundli and do the remedies as suggested on this day.

Pacifying Rahu
Narak Chaturdashi is an ideal occasion for pacifying Rahu. Rahu signifies the negative forces and if it is not placed in a good position in the kundli, it can bring destruction and negative effect in your life. Goddess Kali helps in nullifying the harmful effect of a wrongly placed Rahu in kundli. If you are facing a problem in your life due to a negative Rahu, do remedies to make Maa Kali happy. This will cancel the harmful effect of Rahu. Narak Chaturdashi is also known as Kali Chaudas.

Abhyang Snan

Abhyang Snan is the most important ritual on Narak Chaturdashi although it can be done on Amavasya and Pratipada in Diwali. The Hindu mythology and custom say that doing the abhyang snan on the chaturdashi tithi one day before Diwali can help in avoiding the chance of going to Narak. For doing the abhyang snan, you must apply an ubtan on your body that has sesame oil or til ka tel. Remember Varun God while having a bath. Put haldi and kumkum in the water before bathing. If possible wear new clothes. Do yama tarpan after this. Light a diya for yamaraj in the evening on narak chaturdashi.

Muhurat of Narak Chaturdashi Snan

The muhurat or most auspicious time for abhyang snan on Narak Chaturdashi on 24 October.

Things to do on Narak Chaturdashi

1. Make a Prasad of til, ladoo, rice. Add sugar and ghee to this. Offer this prasad to Maa Kali.
2. Sing bhajan and songs of Maa Kali on this day. Do this at the time of muhurat especially.
3. Bathe with water and remember to wash hair on Narak Chaturdashi. Use Kajal in the eyes. This will help in removing evil elements and negative effects in your life.

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Things to Avoid on Narak Chaturdashi

Be careful while walking on the road on the day of Narak Chaturdashi. People do tantric rituals and throw the materials on the road. If you see fruit and black colored dolls or material on the road, do not place your foot on it or cross it.

How Maa Kali Pooja On Narak Chaturdashi Helps You

1. Worshipping Maa Kali on Narak Chaturdashi helps in fighting diseases and chronic illness.
2. It protects you from black magic.
3. You can overcome debts and financial problems in your life by doing pooja on this day.
4. If you are facing any problem in work or business, it will be solved.
5. Maa Kali worship nullifies the negative effect of Rahu and Shani.
6. You get the boon of protection from insults and wrongdoing by unknown people.

Rituals of this day

Bathing on this day is having religious importance. On this day to get rid of Narak (Hell), oil massage should be taken before bathing at the morning. At evening, deeps (lights) should be lightened for Yamraaj. At night, any odd numbers of deeps e.g. 11, 21 or 31 are lightened in the house (inside and outside both).

How to worship Narak Chaturdashi?

As mentioned above, Lord Krishna executed Demon Narkasur on this day so Lord Shri Krishana is worshipped with garland, incense sticks, deeps and rice by reciting below mantra:

Vasudev sutam devam, narkasur mardanam|
Devki parmanandam, krishnam vande jagadgurum||

People who are worshipping in this way are becoming free from all their sins.

Story of Narak Chaturdashi

In ancient times, there was a king known as Rantidev. He was very religious and kind in his past-life. Because of the good deeds of his past life, he became a good human being in the present life. When he was about to die and messengers of Yam came to take his sole, they said to him angrily, ‘O King, we have come here to take you to the hell with us.? By hearing this, king was shocked and he asked them for the reason to taking him to the hell. They replied, ‘O King, you are famous for your good deeds in this world knows however, your misdeeds are known only by the God.? King asked, ‘Please do let me know about my misdeeds so that I can find out the solution for the same.’ They replied, ‘Once upon a time, a hungry Brahmin returns from your door and that is the reason you’ve to go to the Hell.’ By hearing this, King requested to the messengers, ‘Please give me only one year’s time.’ Messengers accepted his request immediately and they went back. King went to the sages to find out the solution of this problem. Sages said to him, ‘O King! On the fourteenth day of the Kartik Krishna Paksha you should fast and worship to Lord Krishna, feed the Brahmins, give them donations and alms, tell them about your previous offence, request them to forgive you for the same and then you will be free from all your misdeeds.’ King did the same as he was suggested by the sages and he was forgiven from all his misdeeds and redirected towards the Vishnu Lok (Heaven).

At night drainages are lightened by deeps (lights) to keep away Narak. It is said that Goddess Lakshmi is entering in house only in the absence of Narak.