Mars Transiting Over Gemini Injured Hema Malini

At 9PM on 2nd July 2015 Bollywood star turned MP Hema Malini’s over speeding car hit an Alto car near Dosa (Rajasthan) killing a 4 year old girl and injuring others.

Hema Malini

Hema Malini’s Mercedes car was speeding, said a police official, and hit an Alto car in which a family was travelling including a 4 year old girl. The girl died while other members of Alto car had serious injuries. Hema Malini received only minor injuries.

Although prima facie she along with her driver is mainly responsible for this accident yet she will get scot free because of VIP favouring flexible justice system of India.

Mars Transiting over her 12th House in Gemini Sign

At the time of her accident she was running the sub-sub-period of Venus in the sub-period of the 12th lord Mercury in the main period of the 2nd lord Sun (Su/Me/Ve).

Her Sun falls in the constellation Ardra of Rahu. In her chart Rahu represents Mars which aspects the 8th house of accidents.

Placement of Rahu in Aries sign of Mars makes her impatient and impulsive whenever she is under work pressure and this may have prompted her to put pressure on her driver to make haste.

Her Sun also falls in the constellation Chitra of Mars. Since Sun in her chart governs the 2nd house representing her face she received injuries mainly on her face.

Venus in her chart is conjunct the 7th and 8th lord Saturn. Both Sun and Saturn represent the 2nd and 7th houses respectively.

Exalted Jupiter Transiting over her Ascendant saved her Life.

Although her injuries were inevitable, yet she is saved from serious injury and death mainly because exalted Jupiter was transiting over her ascendant. Also Mars is a Yogakarak planet as per her birth chart and it is favourably placed in the 5th house of her line of profession.
Because of these two reasons instead of the involvement of the 2nd and 7th house her life was saved.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar