Mars Retrograde in Taurus – 13th November 2022

Mars Retrograde in Taurus – Mars will become retrograde in Taurus on 13th November 2022. In this article, you can read about what will be the effect of this transit on the lives of the people of all the 12 zodiac signs. The retrograde state of Mars brings an apparent change in the movement of the planet in the solar system. However, the backward motion of any planet in its orbit cannot be considered the full truth. The retrograde movement can be seen only when a planet is viewed from Earth because of the relative position of the planet and the Earth.

mars in taurus

Mars Retrograde in Taurus – 13th November 2022

The effect of Mars retrograde on different zodiac signs is as follows


Your speech will be blunt and you may also look somewhat rude in front of others. You may have frequent disputes or quarrels with your family. There is a possibility of a sudden loss of money. Avoid starting anything new or investing your money. The period may also create some trouble for the students of this zodiac. They have to focus on preparing themselves for every exam and pay attention to their goals. Otherwise, they may face problems due to their lack of energy. You may feel somewhat insecure in your love relationship. Many natives may also plan to go on a pilgrimage to a pilgrimage site suddenly during this period.

Remedy– Read Hanuman Chalisa 7 times every day.


Pay attention to your health. Keep drinking water from time to time. This will hydrate you. Try to meditate and do workouts. If you have any business relationship with foreign land or you do any business related to a foreign country, then you will get adverse results related to it. So keep yourself more alert from the beginning. Pay extra attention to your mother’s health. Avoid all kinds of buying and selling and be extra cautious during every transaction. The transit is very auspicious for natives who want to get married. Keep yourself calm. Avoid dominating others.

Remedy– Do Durga pooja with red colored flowers.


You may get into some kind of dispute with younger brothers or sisters. Many natives will also plan to go on a short distance journeys during this period. But due to the cancellation of that trip, monetary loss is possible. So make any plan wisely. Avoid ignoring your health problems otherwise, a minor problem can take the form of a serious disease later. Your nature of considering yourself superior may make you egoist in nature and this may cause a relationship problem with other people, especially your partner. There will be some fluctuations in the relationship between you and your partner. Married people will need to focus on their married life.

Remedy– Do the Pooja of Kartikeya Bhagwan every day.


Retrograde Mars will be very good for you and may help you fulfill your desires. But you will get these positive results suddenly. Due to this, you will also enjoy the proper results of your hard work and the hard work that you do in the office. But this will also lead to some ego growth in you, which will most likely work to tarnish your image. This period is going to be very good for the students of this zodiac. They are advised to start their preparation immediately and concentrate fully on their studies. Utilize your energy in the right direction. You need to avoid health problems.

Remedy– Do Hanuman Pooja on Tuesday and donate sweets.


You will be seen to be very domineering and dominating others in your office and may also feel a bit irritable at work. This can will harm your image in the office. You may have some difficulties in getting into a new role. You may feel a lack of energy, jealousy, irritability, and aggression. You are advised to do workouts and physical activity. You will be able to get the support of your mother. Take care of your mother’s health. Students may have a sudden disruption in their studies. They should keep themselves more conscious of education.

Remedy– Worship Hanuman Ji every Tuesday. Distribute sweets.


You may have to face some disagreements with your father or your teacher. There can be some friction with them. The best solution is to be patient with them patiently under all circumstances. Many people will have to go on a pilgrimage to a pilgrimage site during this period. You will also need to look after your father’s health. You may have to spend money due to some need. You may suddenly have to go on a short journey. The atmosphere of the house will be somewhat disturbed. Your mother may have health problems so be careful about it.

Remedy– Offer sweets made of jaggery and groundnut in the temple as prasad.


This position on Mars will be a bit challenging for you. Many sudden events happening in your life can give you some mental tension and restlessness. There can be sudden problems and fluctuations in your economic life. You may be bossy and have a rude style of communication. As a result, you may quarrel and fight with other people. But you have to be a little careful about what you say and how you say it. Talk to officials and elders carefully. Also, be careful during travel and journeys to avoid any kind of adverse situations.

Remedy– If health permits, then definitely donate blood.


You will have dominating and angry behavior and may fight with your partner due to your unnecessary ego. There can be fluctuations in your married life. Be careful of your relationship with your spouse. You may be a little more insecure about your reputation in the office. Its negative impact will be directly visible in your workplace as well as in the partnership business. So as much as possible avoid getting into conflict with anyone because of ego. You will have bad eating habits. Be careful of your dietary habits or you may have a health-related problem.

Remedy– Do Lakshmi Pooja with red-colored flowers.


You may health problems like low immunity, tiredness, and low physical strength. Your adversaries may try to implicate you in some conspiracy by making some plans against you. However, your understanding will not allow you to do any kind of harm while winning over them. Students may not be able to focus on studying while doing exam preparations and also find it difficult to concentrate fully. You will get the opportunity to go on a journey (travel abroad) and during this, you will have to spend more of your money.

Remedy– Regular consumption of jaggery will be favorable for your health.


The period will be good for students. But sometimes they can feel tired. It may make them create some problems in deciding correctly. The period will be good for people who are involved in a research study. There will be sourness in your love relationship. Married people should be careful of the behavior of their children. There will be an increase in energy and a feeling of jealousy in them. It would be better for you to take time out from your work and help them in making good use of their energy by doing physical activities.

Remedy– Gift red-colored clothes to poor children.


You need to be vigilant for your house and vehicle safety. Be careful about your mother’s health. Because your mother can dominate you a bit while being authoritative and because of her aggression she can get a blood pressure problem. You can be a little possessive of your spouse and this can lead to conflict in relationships due to your quick-tempered nature. Your workload in the office can increase and you will have to be active to finish the work. However, this situation can sometimes cause some difficulty and trouble for you.

Remedy– Offer sweets made of jaggery to your mother or any woman like your mother.


Pisces natives can plan to involve themselves in any of their hobbies like cooking, and martial arts. Due to your lack of courage and willpower, you can also leave these hobbies incomplete in the middle. There can be some problems in communicating with others. There will be many ups and downs in your energy. This may create a problem in recovering from any such disease or problem of your past. You will take interest in religious and mystical practices. The period is good for those who want to learn astrology.

Remedy– You must do the Bajrang Baan path for getting gains from this transit.