Marriages during Jupiter’s Transit in Leo

Marriages during Jupiter’s Transit in Leo

There is lot of misconception regarding performing marriages ceremonies during Jupiter’s transit through the Leo sign also called Sinhasta Guru. Is it really inauspicious time?

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All planets constantly move through the Zodiac at their individual speeds. The main significators for marriage are Jupiter and Venus.Jupiter stays in a zodiacal sign for about a year. After every twelve years approximately Jupiter transits through the Leo sign.
While Jupiter transits through Leo sign it is called Sinhasta Guru.

The Common Belief …

There is a school of thought that believes it is inauspicious to perform marriage during Sinhasta Guru particularly when it transits through the first five navamshas of the Leo sign. According to some the marriages can be performed during Sinhasta Guru only when the Sun transits through the Aries sign.

Is it really Inauspicious to Perform Marriage during Sinhasta Guru? …

My research based on many practical cases proves that this general notion is illogical. While Jupiter transits through Leo sign one should consider the following important points and base decision on these rather on mere Sinhasta Guru.

1.Combustion: It is important to consider the combustion of both Venus and Jupiter. As combustion makes these important planets weak therefore this consideration is important. Planets are considered combust (Ast) when they come degree wise closer to the Sun. Consider Jupiter combust when it is 11 degree or less in closeness to the Sun and in case of Venus 9 degrees or less.

2.Constellation of Jupiter: The constellation or the nakshatra in which Jupiter transits is more important. List the auspicious planets as per the birth chart of the native and when Jupiter transits in the constellations of any of these planets the marriage ceremony can be performed even while Jupiter is in the Leo sign.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar

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