Marital Happiness & Mars Planet

Marital Hapiness

In astrology, Mars planet is considered the Significator of courage & valor. Mars has got the position of commander-in- chief in Solar system. Generally, people get scared when they hear of Mars, especially when there is Manglik Dosha in the Kundali. Mars is a planet which is full of energy, initiative and enables one to accomplish task. Without Mars energy it is not possible to have jest for life. As its name also suggests Mangal means auspicious. Mars planet has been described as….

“Dharani Garbham Sambhootam Vidyut kanti Samprobham.
Kumaram Shakti Hastam Mangalam Pranamyaham.”

Which means, one who is born from the womb of earth, whose radiant is red like electricity. One who is bachelor and is endowed with power, I salute this auspicious person.

To get the success one requires hard work, perseverance and family support. Contribution from the wife also plays important role in one’s Success As it has been rightly said- Behind every successful man there is a lady. The environment of the house should be peaceful & cordial, where housewife is virtuous, beautiful and co-operates with her husband in all his ups & down. She should have traits like patience, compassion, forgiveness, submissiveness etc. in her and always support her husband on the way to progress. Aries is the very first sign of Solar system, and Mars is its lord. Aries signifies fire so is its Lord Mars also a fiery planet. Its color is red and represents Earth. People get disturbed the moment they hear Mars name, because if in kundali Mars is in Twelfth, First, Fourth, Seventh and eight house of the native, in that case the person is called Manglik. To discuss about the effects of Manglik Dosha present in the Kundali is not the theme here. In this article, the positive & negative influences caused by Mars on marital happiness are being discussed.

The Planet’s influence on Marital Life

The planets influencing for a harmonious and balanced marital life are- planets present in Seventh house of native’s Kundali, Seventh house, its Lord, significator of marriage- Jupiter. Maharishi Parashar says Seventh house, presents Marriage, sexual relations, and understanding between husband & wife. Auspicious Planets bestow happiness if they present in the seventh house while malefic prove inauspicious. Science of astrology helps one to select right bride & groom by matching their traits like – virtues & defects which are the base to lead a happy and harmonious married life. All scholars are of the view-that Mars posited in seventh house is inauspicious. The spouse of such naive is diseased, argumentative, ugly, wicked, poor, and licentious & makes the native’s life full of miseries.

Mars in Seventh House

In ascendants like Gemini, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Leo & Sagittarius if native has Mars in the seventh house, the spouse of such native is adulterous. If Mars is in Cancer or Pisces signs, the nature of such native’s spouse is very rude, and makes native life miserable. Such natives take interest in opposite sex younger to them. If in kundali, Saturn aspect Mars, such natives do absurd behavior while making love. Which results disinterest in married life and marital life becomes hell.

Mars in Seventh house makes the native Manglik and such native should get married with a Manglik partner so that marital life should not be affected.

“Lagne, Vyaye Ch Patale Jamitre Chashtame,
Kuje Kanya Bhritra Vinashaye Bhrata kanya Vinashakah.”

Which means, Mars in Lagna, fourth, seventh or twelfth houses in a Kundali, the spouse of such native dies, it is certain. There are many exceptions of this yoga. If there is Aries sign in Lagana, Scorpio is in Fourth, Capricorn in Seventh, Cancer in eight and Sagittarius sign is in twelfth house, in that case it does not cause widowhood. These are enough examples which show that Mars in Seventh house makes natives married abnormal, which is not good for a happy married life.

Principle of Mars Planet in Horoscope

1. If Mars is in Seventh house in One’s Kundali, in that case, native makes love with a menstruating woman. Some astrologers believe this condition causes childlessness/ barrenness in a female Kundali. Some other astrologers believe that if Mars being the Lord of Second, Sixth and Eight houses is posited in seventh house, the wife of such native is either barren or wants her pregnancy to be terminated. This is a subject of research, how Mars is responsible for barrenness. It may be because of Mars Signifies blood, and flesh on fetus comes due to Mars Planet only.

2. If Mars and Mercury are placed in even and odd signs and aspect each other; in that case female native suffers due to Shadatva Dosha (those ladies who are not excited for making love/or sexual intercourse with the male are affected by Shadatar Dosha.) For example, if Mars is in Aries and Mercury is in cancer Sign(Ayurveda says that this this yoga may be formed in any house of the Kundali). In the same manner, if Mars and Sun aspect each other or have Sam Saptaka Yoga in that case also, male has Symptom of impotency. As both the planets-Mars & Sun are fiery Planets and have the potential to decrease the energy of male. It may be possible, that physically native looks strong but his ensues do not get excited.

4. If in the horoscope of a female’s native, Mars is placed in Seventh house or it has Mars sign or Navamasha of Mars in that case, the husband of such female has extra marital affair, because husband has manhood & virility. A female native can experience this behavioral change in her husband in Mahadasha of Mars. If the native has finished Mars Mahadasha before her marriage and her berth itself, in that case, this change can take places in the sub period or sub sub period of Mars. If female?s Lagna is weak in the horoscope, the husband will always have dominance over her and enhance her sexual desires.

5. If Mars of 100 to 200 is placed in Seventh house, the spouse may die at the age of 30. Mars is the Planet of separation so it can also make situation of divorce or wife &husband may live in separation. If Sun or Mercury or both the planets also join Mars in seventh house, in that case within one year of marriage one of the Yogas mentioned above shall be experienced.

6. If in a female native, Moon is in Mar’s or Saturn Rashi and it is placed in Lagna Bhava is aspected by cruel Planet in that case, mother of such native is also characterless. As a result, native is also spoiled in the company of her mother. Moon gets debilitation in Scorpio sign and motivates one to think which are nasty& unnatural. There are chances of many affairs if Moon is in Aries or Aquarius. But Moon in Aquarius does not motivate the native for such affair as Mars gets exalted in Capricorn and it is Saturn’s own house. So it disciplines the native and doesn’t allow her to do such nasty things.

7. If, in the horoscope of a female native, Mars is the Lord of Seventh house and is placed in VIth VIIIth XIIth houses. Saturn and Sun associate in any of the house. Lagana has Rahu in it, that native gets widowhood very soon after marriage. Lord of Seventh house in Seventh house spoils its auspicious results. Rahu (Significator of widowhood) in Lagana also destroys Seventh house signification. In Kalpurush Kundali, Sun gets debilitated in Libra and Sun’s association with Saturn also does not augur well. AS both the planets have enmity with each other.

Principle of Mars Planet in Horoscope

8.If, in a female horoscope Lagana has dual Rashi, Moon and Mars are placed in Lagna & Seventh houses and aspect each other in that case that native gets widowhood very early in her life. Sam Saptak placement of Mars and Moon creates hurdles in marital happiness.

9. If, in the horoscope of a male, Mars and Sun are in Cancer sign in the Seventh house, in that case, wife of such native makes sexual relations with other person because husband forced her to do so. Sun in Cancer is the Lord of Eight house and makes association with Mars. Lord of Eight puts the signification of that house in question where it is placed. Sukhesh (Lord of Fourths house) in Seventh house also does not bestow auspiciousness. Mars and Sun both are responsible for Separation/divorce between married couples. The native may force his wife to make this illigimate relationship in order to get wealth or son.

10. If, in a female horoscopes Mars and Saturn are in each other’s Navamsha , in that case native is very lusty. It is also possible that such native may become lesbian and has relation with other woman. Mars and Saturn in each other’s sign also makes this Yoga. If Mars and Saturn are in Nakshatra of each other, in that case also, a female may have relations with woman and with many male partners.

11. If, in a native’s horoscope, Mars is sandwiched between two malefic planets either in Seventh or Eight houses but Seventh Lord is not placed in Seventh house. In that case, wife of such native dies after two-five years of their marriage. If such Yoga is present in a female native, she also gets the same results. Strength of the Planets should also be taken into consideration, while making prediction. If any bad Yoga is present in the same manner as it is written in that case, the native faces above results. But if this bad Yoga has the aspect of benefic planets in that case that Yoga does not take place completely. In the Same way, if the Kundali has some auspicious Yogas but some malefic Planets have aspect on this Yoga, then the native will have adverse result also. This is a well-known fact.

12. If Mars and Venus are placed in Sam Saptak houses in that case also, two women can have sexual relationship. Sam Saptak placement of Venus & Mars, excite the native to have sexual pleasure. This kind of native gets characterless very easily. They have extra marital relation to satisfy their lust. They have no hesitation even to kiss the private part of the mate.

13. If in a female horoscope, Mars is placed in Taurus sign, that native has great lust; Mars in Taurus in any house motivates the native to gratify her sexual desires by any mean. Such natives satisfy their desire by use of artificial means/relations with other woman or through extra marital relations.

14. If Mars, Sun & Rahu are placed in Lagna Bhava, in that case, spouse of such native dies very soon after marriage or they have either no sexual relations between them or have broken relationship for long time. If Venus is present in the Second house, the native has extra marital relations.

Concern, care for each other and love play important role in married life. If there is Manglik Dosh in Kundali, the best way to come out of its negative influences is, one must control desires and have a caring attitude towards the spouse, it will make married life goes on smoothly. But opposition and finding faults in each other is an inauspicious condition. So, if Moon- Signification of mind, and Venus– Signification of love, make Mangal Dosha in that case, stubbornness, egoism, hate, lack of affection and love from the spouse all the negative forces increase between the couple and this Manglik Dosha casts its negative effects.