Logic behind Eating curd and sugar before leaving the house

Eating Curd and Sugar

Eating Curd and Sugar

“Wait, before you leave for your work, have spoonful of curd and sugar”

We can never forget of exam days when our mother used to give curd and sugar before we leave home for our examination or any job interview. It is believed that it brings luck to you and you will get success in your work. But it is superstitious or a belief? There are many logic behind eating curd and sugar before leaving home. Let’s see some of the reasons and logic behind such practice.

Eating Curd and sugar – As a ritual, old tradition and custom

Old tradition and cultures are still alive in today’s modern India. We still follow those old traditions and rituals which were observed by elder people in our family. Easting curd and sugar before leaving home for work or some important task is still a ritual and tradition in our homes. It is said that it is brings luck and work is completed without any hindrance. It is also said that during ancient time Kings use to have curd and sugar before they leave for war or any work. It was sign of luck and also gave energy to them while they remain outside for long time.

The scientific reason

When we move out of home for some work, we need both mental and physical energy. Science says that when you have a combination of curd and sugar, it supply glucose to body which work to release energy. Curd is a food that has many nutrient contained in it. It is rich in protein, riboflavin, calcium, vitamin B6 and B12. It is one of the super foods that keep mind and body cool and dehydrated. Having curd and sugar early in the morning is a perfect start.

Curd has good bacteria that are beneficial for intestine which helps in keeping the stomach healthy. It boosts the immunity and good for various infections and issues of stomach. Those who suffer from problem like constipation, acidity and indigestion, sugar and curd is the best medicine for them.

What Ayurveda says about combination of curd and sugar?

Ayurveda also has justified having curd and sugar before leaving from home. As per Ayurveda curd is great cooling agent that keeps mind and body cool in adverse situations and also keeps the body hydrated. According to ayurveda, curd has many natural attributes that cool body and help to fight the heat. Sugar in it contains glucose which is god for quick energy. Both the combination of curd and sugar bring down the temperature during summers and becomes a great source of energy in case of lost energy. The stomach remains filled up for longer time and person feels refreshed.

It’s just amazing that some food have so relevance in our tradition and culture. Eating curd and sugar before leaving home is practiced from ancient times and being followed by modern people also. It is not only a ritual but have scientific significance.