Lal kitab Tips on Diwali for wealth

Lal kitab Tips on Diwali for wealth. These tips are simple and can be done easily. Lal kitab tips doing on the day of Diwali bring lots of positive energy and wealth. Lal kitab Tips on Diwali

Become Wealthy By The Remedy Of Lal Kitab

As it is already known that remedies of Lal Kitab are fructifying very soon. If remedy is done in a same manner as it is described in Lal Kitab, blessings from Lakshmiji and economic prosperity is assured. Here are some remedies from Lal Kitab:

1. If you are not getting enough money according to your hard work: you should follow it. From the day of Dipawali drop a coconut in flowing water daily for 44 days and write Goddess Lakshmi’s Beej Mantra on it before dropping it.

2. If you are facing any financial obstacle due to any home defect: Flow a square piece of copper for 40 days in flowing water.

3. Even after putting hard efforts having continuous loss in business, there is no marked increase in income: On the day of Dipawali take seven betel nuts and cover it with silver foil and keep it on the place of Lakshmi poojan. Thereafter, on seven Mondays wrap them up again with silver foil. On the eighth Monday, collect all the betel nuts from the place of worship and offer them in a temple of Lord Vishnu.

4. If you are in such a business in which credit is allowed in abundance and due to this you are having loss in business: On the first Saturday of any month, burry the black surma (eye powder) at any deserted place.

5. Even after earning enough money your works are stopped due to shortage of money: On the first Saturday of Shukla Paksha start distributing Poori and Sabji (fried bread and vegetable) for 11 Saturdays.

6. If you are not earning desired money from your business or service: On Wednesday, take an empty pitcher and flow it in the water, for six Wednesdays.

7. If your work-business is still not established or you are not earning regularly: At the time of sleeping, put an iron pot filled with water and keep it at the head side of the bed and in the morning, through it out of your house.

8. If you are facing difficulties in your business or service due to government orders: On every Sunday prepare roties (bread) of one and quarter kilograms of wheat flour and fed them to cows.

9. If you are not satisfied from your work and feeling of disconcerted is coming into your mind frequently: Eat little bit jaggery before leaving the house for work-business.

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10. If you are unable to stabilize income; savings and paternal property is going perish: Under the bed where you sleeps, must keep any object of iron and on the night of Saturday keep an iron pot filled with water under your bed, after waking up next day morning put it into the root of Bodhi Tree. Repeat this remedy for 40 days.

11. In order to get Laksmi, this remedy is surefire and if you are able to do it with discipline for three month, you will surely get unexpected money: Follow this remedy for 40 days starting from the day of Dipawali or any Friday of Shukla Paksha. At evening, visit the nearest temple of Mahalakshmi, Durgaji, Seetaji or any Goddess barefoot; light the lamp of pure ghee and offer the garland and the prasaad of sweets or kheer (milk and rice feast). Afterwords, pray to get money quietly and pray for other wishes.