Kusuma Yoga; Auspicious Combination (Yoga) of Astrology


Kusuma Yoga is one among many auspicious combinations (Yogas) of Vedic Astrology……

In Vedic or Hindu Astrology some combinations of zodiac signs, planets and houses in a birth chart are known as Yogas. Some Yogas are auspicious whereas others are inauspicious for the native. Kusuma Yoga being described here is an auspicious Yoga.

How Kusuma Yoga is formed? …

In a birth chart made as per Vedic astrology principles the Kusuma Yoga is formed if the planet Jupiter occupies the ascendant, the Sun the 2nd and the Moon the 7th house.

Finer Details of the Yoga: Kusuma Yoga is in fact a combination of two important yogas of Vedic astrology viz. the Gajakesari Yoga and the Shubha-Vasi Yoga. The Gajakesari yoga is formed because of Moon’s placement in the 7th house from Jupiter and the Shubha-Vasi Yoga is formed as an auspicious planet viz. Jupiter is placed in the 12th place with respect to the Sun.

Results of the Kusuma Yoga …

The native in whose birth chart this yoga is formed enjoys professional authority, power, prosperity and good public reputation.

The actual results depend upon the strength of the planets and houses involved and other factors like aspects and constellations involved.

The native may enjoy lifelong positive results of this yoga to some degree, but the results in full form may be experienced only during the sub and main periods of the planets causing this yoga under favourable transits.

Birth charts of some magistrates, mayors, municipal commissioners and head of administrative bodies etc. have been observed to carry this Yoga.

Real Life Example …

The only real life chart available with the author is given below. Although as per definition the Kusuma Yoga is formed in this chart, yet all the three planets causing this yoga viz. the Moon, the Sun and Jupiter are under strong afflictions as follows. Jupiter is associated with malefic Rahu, the Moon with Ketu and the Sun with Saturn and Venus.

kusuma yoga

Because of the malefic influences the native of this birth chart enjoyed only some (about 25%) positive results during the periods of the Sun and Jupiter.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar