Jupiter Transit Remedies Puja and Homam to Reduce its Impact on Your Life

On Account of Transit of Jupiter, Truthstar.com is performing the Jupiter Transit remedies Puja and Homam, for the benefit of our clients to have the Blessings and Grace of the Jupiter, the Planet Jupiter.

Jupiter Transit

Jupiter is the Karaka, for giving good flow of Money, Wealth and Prosperity and he is also the Planet of Puthira Karaka to bless with Children’s.

On this Auspious Transit of jupitor, during the coming period of 19th December 2009, the jupitor moves to the Aquarius (Kumbha Rasi), and during the Middle of 2010 in May will be moving to the house of Pisces (Meena Rasi).

As a result, the person in the Taurus (Rishaba), Cancer (Kataka), Virgo (Kanya), Scorpio (Vrischika), Sagittarius (Dhanur), and Aquarius (Kumbha Rasi) they all need a purification to over come the Doshams of the Jupiter and need a Remedies Puja and Fire Rituals.

As a Blessing our visitors to the site will have the chance and opportunity to perform the JUPITER REMEDIES PUJA AND HOMAM in a very pious and spiritual way with minimum expenses and the Rituals will see that the clients will have the purification of the Doshams and will have the ways to over come financial crisis, people with Doshams of Puthira will have a solution and purification and will have a good strength to overcome the evil effects of the opponents.

As such we at truthstar.com have created a new opportunity for the clients and have arranged with Vedic Pandits who are more pious and spiritual and talents in the field to conduct the Puja on your behalf on every Thursday for the next 9 weeks and as a starting on the Day of the Transit that is on 19.12.2009 it all starts.

Persons having DHANA, PUTHIRA, JUPITER DOSHAMS IN THE CHART are also welcome to participate in the Puja at a very minimum cost.

Puja and Homams goes like this and it is named as


We will do the following for the puja and homam

1. Sri Ganapathi made of Turmeric power will be place in the betel leaves

2. 3 kalasams will be placed with vasthirams over it and it will be surrounded with flowers and fruits and two lamps in brass will be lighted.

3. Fire Ritual Homa Kundam will be placed to perform the Fire Rituals.

4. The Pujas are Sri Ganapathi Puja, Sri Jupiter Asthrothira Puja, Japam, Sri Jupiter Sahasra Nama Puja Homam, Sri Jupiter Moola Manthira Homam and Sri Jupiter Veda Mandira Homam will be performed with Sankalpam for each and every one and it comes to an end.

For the convenient of the client the Puja Homam is been charged as follows

Photos of the Puja will be mailed free of cost to the concern clients and the Puja will be VIDEOGRAPHED and we will be available online after the completion of the Puja.

We are sure the above remedies will reduce the impact of Jupiter transit on your life.