Improve your Telepathic ability

Improve your Telepathic ability

Telepathic ability – Long ago human beings could consciously communicate telepathically with other humans as well as with animals.People started misusing their telepathic powers so gradually this ability was taken away by nature. This ability is at present lying latent in general only a few are born with developed telepathic powers. This article canguide you to develop this ability.

Telepathic ability

Most of us experience reception of telepathic messages from dear ones. Sometimes it happens that you are thinking about some close friend or relative and that person suddenly arrives unexpectedly or calls you on telephone. Well you may label it as a mere chance but it could also be a fact that your brain telepathically communicated with that person.

Women are by nature more telepathic than men. Also the greater the intimacy and compatibility with a person the greater are the chances of subconsciously communicating telepathically with that person.

With practice you can stimulate the brain centers involved in telepathic communication and develop this latent ability.

A Tranquil Mind is more receptive to Telepathic Signals

‘With Inner Composure and Faith you can do anything.’ – LobsangRampa

Here is a practical procedure to follow for developing telepathic ability:

Sit comfortably in a place where there are no sources of distraction such as noise, intense lighting or crowd of people.

Step One: In this, as in all other spiritual matters, ‘Faith’ or ‘Belief’ is the very first requirement. Have full faith that you can do it consciously. Doubt creates a barrier and does not allow you to have any success in any occult matters.

So do not act like western scientists they start with doubt all their occult investigations and at each step try to disprove all such phenomenon. So they end up from where they started.

An honest spiritual being starts with full faith (faith in the sages who have given us such information about the existence of such phenomenon and our ability to do it) and gets positive results in short time.

Step Two: You will need to take help of a close friend. Chose a close friend or relative, with whom you are very intimate and compatible. Ask your friend to focus on a picture or object (without telling you). Try to focus on your friend’s thoughts and pick up any faint signals.

Ask your friend to induce a powerful emotion in his 0or her mind, whether it is strong admiration, excitement, anger or any other strong feeling. This creates stronger waves of energy so you’ll be able to pick up with ease. Keep yourself relaxed because trying too hard can block telepathic messages.

Step Three: Note down on a paper whatever feelings, images or messages you receive. The information will better help you to analyze your progress.

Step Four:In the beginning you may receive in your mind very faint emotions or abstract images which may not make perfect sense to you at first, but with continuing practice you’ll be able to interpret and understand your visions. Have patience your efforts will soon bring results and open up new vistas.

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Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar

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