How to make Goddess Lakshmi Happy?


1. Should not sleep after sunrise and sleep only after sunset, if you do so Lakshmiji will come to you.

2. Should not itching head with both hands.

3. The lady who is cooking and serving food should not taste anything while doing so.

4. Lakshmiji doesn’t like disharmony and never comes in homely discord so, create harmony at home.

5. Always respect wife and never show disrespect towards her, she is also Grih Lakshmiji (Lakshmi of Home). If she would be happy, Dhan Lakshmiji (Goddess of Money) has to come automatically.

6. Always sleep at clean place and neever sleep at messy place.

7. The people who take food only after bathing and worshiping in the morning, Lakshmiji always comes to their home.

8. Never use spit for counting money, Lakshmiji doesn’t like it.

9. Always respect parents and have faith in God because in a reverse conditions, Lakshmiji will not come.

10. Those people who do not offer food to Agni Devta (God of Fire), cannot become prosperous.

11. Always offer food to your ancestors on the New Moon day before taking it, if you do so Lakshmiji will be happy.

12. Those who are having food and singing devotional music in secluded place, Lakshmiji becomes happy.

13. Always do Aarti morning and evening with your family on daily basis, by doing this Lakshmiji becomes happy will stay at your place forever.

14. Never touch your plate of food, girl, wife, book and broom by feet; Lakshmiji does not like it.

15. Color the rice grains in red and then drop it in flowing water by remembering Maa Lakshmi, do it on every Friday of Shukla Paksha. If you do so, you will get the benefit of money very soon.