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Taurus 2016 Horoscope Moon Sign

The year 2016 should turn out to be better than the last year comparatively. Comparatively things will turn as per your expectation during the latter half of the year compared to the first half. Towards the latter half the Jupiter would have a fifth house effect which will help in bringing down the ill-effects. You will not have too many problems because the Rahu and Ketu is getting placed in the fourth and the tenth house respectively. Saturn will remain in the seventh house which will impact and cause concerns in the fields related to health and family. The combination of Saturn and Mars will only make the situation worse for you.

This will be an average year in terms of health. You may suffer from certain ailments which could be related to chest, heart or stomach. You need to be careful while driving. Especially during the latter half of the year. You need to be extremely careful with your diet this year. Neglecting it could lead to unnecessary problems.

This year is going to be a better year for you in terms of finances compared to the last year. There are chances of increase in income for you towards the end of the year. You may face some problems because of the sudden expenditures in the month of April and December. Problems related to land and property can pose as a problem as well.

This will be a fruitful year for people who are employed. There are chances of getting promotions or increase in pay towards the latter half of the year. There are chances of transfer or change in role or position in January, May or between September and December.

From a business angle and for businessman this is going to be a favorable year. There are chances of business expansions in store for you. You will have surplus profit this year. And the investment made in past will realize profitably as expected. You may feel a little depressed because of some investment in to real estate may not give the kind of returns as expected.

From a social and family angle this is going to be just an average year for you. You may face some concern or problems related to your life partner. There are chances of the tension among family members and the peaceful environment at home may get hijacked during the middle of the year; Additionally, You may have tension because of the ill-health of a family member. From social status and prestige perspective the latter half would be better than the first one. You will have better reputation and status.

For Students the latter half is better than the first half. They may achieve success at competitive and entrance exams.

Some Remedies to overcome the problems

1. You should wear diamond, blue Saphire or emerald stones or there substitutes.

2. You should wear rudraksh which has seven and eight openings as a locket.

3. You need to chant the as much as possible the following mantra’s “OM AangAngaarkaynamah,”, “OM sham Shaneshcharayenamah”, OM Rah Rahveynamah.

4. Chant the Mahamritunjay mantra as well.

5. You should pray to lord hanuman and shiva and Goddess Parvati.

6. You should offer water to the pepal tree everyday. And on Saturday you should light an oil lamp there.

7. When you are making chapattis at home the last chapatti should be made for dog and you should offer this chapatti yourself to the Dog.

8. You should offer millets or similar grains to the pigeons.