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Scorpio 2016 Horoscope Moon Sign

This year will be better than the last year comparatively. The Saturn will still create ill effect since it is placed over your birth horoscope but Jupiter with its auspicious support will keep things under control. BY the year end Jupiter would move to the auspicious eleventh house which will be favorable for you. Rahu and Ketu will be placed in the tenth and fourth house respectively which will bring auspicious results for you. By the end of February till September the Mars will move along with Saturn in your horoscope which will not be favorable for you.

From health perspective this will be a better year comparatively. However you may face some health issue or the other from time to time this year as well. You need to be careful while driving. You need to have a schedule and need to ensure that you follow the same. People suffering from heart ailments need to be extra cautious.

From financial angle this year is going to be better than the last. Your financial position will improve and additionally new sources of income will spring up. Investment made in the past will fetch returns as well. Fresh investments will also be possible. There are chances of you being able to sell some property of yours as well.

For people who are employed or in services are likely to have positive results this year. There are chances of getting promotion or you will get an opportunity to work on an important assignment with a special rank and file. You will have more respect and recognition at work.

From business angle this year will be a result bearing year for you. You will have better profit margins and increased profits as well. You will have the opportunity for business expansion as well. You need to ensure that you do not invest in high risk ventures or investment and should be careful while giving loans to others.

This is favorable year from the social or family angle. People who are in a marriageable age will get married this year. Couples who do not have off-springs may get blessed with a child as well. You will have more respect and recognition in your society. There will be some activities at the religious and social front as well.

For students this is a going to be a favorable year. They will perform better towards the end of the year. You will continue with your academic life. As far as competitive exams are concerned this year will get you some good news and your wishes may get fulfilled.

Some Remedies to overcome the problems

1. Wear gemstones like ruby, red coral and yellow sapphire or there alternatives.

2. You need to wear Rudraksh which has seven, eight and nine mouthed opening as locket.

3. You should have a horse shoe of a black horse carved as a ring and should wear it in your middle finger.

4. You should have a horse shoe of a black horse placed both at work and home.

5. You need to chant daily the following mantra’s “OM AangAngaarkaynamah,”, “OM sham Shaneshcharayenamah”, OM Rah Rahveynamah.

6. Worship Lord Hanuman and Shiva.

7. You should offer water to the pepal tree everday. And on Saturday you should light an oil lamp there.