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Pisces 2016 Horoscope Moon Sign

This year should be better than the last year comparatively. Saturn will be placed in the stationed in the ninth house from your birth horoscope house for the entire year. By January Rahu would move to the sixth house which will bring favorable result for you. Other than this the combination of Rahu and Jupiter is not auspicious and does not promise favorable results for you. Therefore combination of Rahu and Jupiter is not auspicious for you towards the end of the year. Rahu is still auspiciously placed compared to the last year. Jupiter will move to the seventh house by the end of this year. This year Mars will remain in the ninth house for most of the month during this year.

From health perspective this will be good year for you compared to the last year. You will get relief certain ailments that started during the last year. You may suffer from some stomach related problems. And there will be more of such problems during the beginning of the year. There are no major health problems this year and you will only be sensitive to problems cause by seasonal changes.

From financial angle this year should be better than the last year for you. Some investment made in past will bring returns for you. There are chances of increase in income as well. There are chances of you investing in properties like land, building etc.

For people who are employed or in service is likely to have this one as a good year. You will have stability in employment and there will be lesser fluctuations in income for you. There would be opportunities for promotion during this year as well.There are chances of transfer during the month of February-March and October-November.

From business angle this year will bring better results for you.Largely you will have stability at business and comparatively there will be better profit margins and momentum in business. You will have opportunities for investing new business areas as well.

This is a good and favorable year from social or family angle. People who are in a marriageable age is likely to get married. There will be opportunity of conducting auspicious events at home. You will hear good news related to your off-springs. You will have enhanced social powers and prestige in the society.

This is a going to be a better year for the students compared to the last. You will continue with your education as planned you will be able to give your best during exams as well. You will not lack concentration during this year and will be able to focus on your studies.

Some Remedies to overcome the problems

1. You should offer water to the sun god at sunrise.

2. Wear gemstones like ruby, red coral and yellow sapphire.

3. You need to wear Rudraksh which has seven and nine mouthed opening.

4. You should chant the mantras as much as you can and these mantras are OM BriBrihaspateynamah, OM Rah Rahveynamah, and OM kemketveynamah.

5. You should pray to lord shiva and Hanuman.

6. You should offer water daily to the peepal tree and light an oil lamp there on Saturday.

7. You should have a spiritual guru and take as much blessing as possible from them.

8. You should meditate and involve in pranayama as well.