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Leo 2016 Horoscope Moon Sign

The coming year will be better than the last year in comparison for you. Your planetary sign has been affected by the ill-wills of Saturn which has been there in the fourth house. However; towards the end of the year Jupiter has brought about the desired change in fortune and therefore this year will be a better one in comparison to the last. In January Rahu appears a little stronger and therefore this may bring change in your temperament and behavior however the other planets which are favorably placed will keep check and balance on the same.

Comparatively this year will be better for your health compared to the last one. You may have more physical and mental stress. People suffering from cardiac disorders need be more cautious this year as well. You may also be sensitive to problems related to lower half of your body. Therefore it is important for you keep a control on your food habits and schedule.

From a financial viewpoint this year may prove to be result bearing for you. There are chances of increase in your income and you may also benefit from the investment made in the past. Investment in land and property would be a possibility. You are likely to purchase vehicle, land and building as well. You may even receive some money which has not realized since a long time.

This year may prove to be fruitful for people who are in service. If you have been vying for a promotion you can get the desired promotion this year or you may have increased power and prestige since you have been working at different position of power and influence. You may also get recognized and rewarded.

From a business viewpoint this year will be an auspicious and fruitful one for you. Comparatively this year is going to be more profitable for you. You may have chances of business expansion this year. And investment here will bring you benefits in future as well. The pending controversies related to taxes etc. will get resolved and decisions taken by the government will be beneficial for you.

Socially this year be an auspicious and fruitful one for you. It will be possible for you to carry out an event or religious ritual for your family. If you are not married you are likely to get married this year. And may get blessed by a child if have none this year. You will have enhanced prestige and power.

This year is going to be favorable for the students as well. You are likely to get admissions in the desired institution. You will be able to devote good amount of time on studies and teachers/professors will cooperate and help you move in the desired direction. You are likely to be successful in the competitive exams as well.

Follow the remedies listed below to get relief from the problems:

1. Offer water to the rising sun.

2. Wear gemstones like ruby, red coral and yellow sapphire.

3. You should wear rudraksh which has seven eight and nine openings.

4. You should chant the mantras as much as you can and these mantras are OM shan, shanescharayenamah, OM Ra rahveynamah; OM kemketveynamah.

5. You should recite Adityahridyastroteverday.

6. You should pray to lord hanuman and shiva.

7. You should offer water to the pepal tree everyday. And on Saturday you should light an oil lamp there.

8. You should offer food to the ants and pigeons.

9. You should have a spiritual teacher and should always have their blessings as well.