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Capricorn 2016 Horoscope Moon Sign

This year will be an average year for you like the last year. Both Rahu and Ketu are auspicious placed in your zodiac in the month of January and are likely to bring you favorable results for you but this cannot be termed as auspicious for you. Saturn moving to the tenth house will bring auspicious results and news for you. Jupiter is placed in the eighth house which will not be auspicious for you.

From health perspective this will be an average year for you. You would be sick for most part of this year. Therefore it is important that you follow a routine life and take guard against all kinds of seasonal changes. You may also get infected from different viruses. You will be sensitive to stress, sleep disorders and other psychological problems.

From financial angle this year is going to be an average result bearing for you. You will get profits from your investments made in the stock market. You are likely to engage yourself in amassing wealth through illegal means and there are chances of making a substantial amount through these means. You are likely to invest in the field of mining etc. You are likely to get benefits from properties like land building etc.

For people who are employed or in service is likely to have this one as a good year. You will be quite busy this year and the office politics will be on rise this year. People who are in private jobs may see themselves changing jobs as well. There are chances of promotion as well. You need to be on your guard against transfers especially in the month of January, February, September and October. There are chances that you may even have differences with your seniors during the month of September and October.

From business angle this year will bring average results for you. Fluctuation in income can disturb the apple cart at business. Sudden situational problems can become cause of concerns for you. There are chances of you making certain changes in business operations as well but you should exercise caution and should not jump to any conclusion during this time. There are chances of you getting an opportunity to trade with people from foreign land as well.

This is an average year from social or family angle. You should try to maintain a peaceful environment at home. You may have stress because of some health concern of a near and dear one. You should be cautious towards getting recognition in the society and motive behind the same.

This is a going to be an average year for the students. There are chances of facing obstacles in your academic areas as well. You will remain disturbed because of not getting the results from examination as per your expectation.

Some Remedies to overcome the problems

1. You should wear diamond, blue Sapphire or emerald stones or there substitutes.

2. You need to wear Rudraksh which has eight, nine and ten mouthed opening.

3. You should chant the mantras as much as you can and these mantras are OM BriBrihaspateynamah, OM Rah Rahveynamah, and OM kemketveynamah.

4. You should recite the MahaMritunajay mantra.

5. You should pray to lord shiva and Goddess Durga.

6. If possible you should visit the temple and offer water to shiva-linga.

7. You should fast on Monday and should have food without salt at least in one of meal.

8. You should feed the ants and pigeons.