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Aries 2016 Horoscope Moon Sign

Comparatively this year shall be more or less similar for you. This year as well you are cursed by the ill-effects of Saturn. Starting January Rahu lying in the fifth house will not allow the results to come by. Towards the end of the year Jupiter will move from fifth aspect to the sixth making things favorable for you. Ketu positioned in the eleventh house is certainly auspicious and may help you to get unexpected profit, promotions and can help you to fulfill your wishes as well.

This is going to be just an average year for you in terms of health. You may suffer from some ailment of heart and stomach. You need to be careful while driving specially between the months of February to September, 2016. People who are influenced by the powers of black magic and ailments caused by such forces may see some of these problems getting more intense. There are chances that you may get operated as well. Females who are pregnant need to be cautious during this time because there are chances of abortion as well.

From the financial angle this year should be a better one compared to the last. This year you have the chance of getting an unexpected profit. There are chances that you will be executing a plan which may help you to increase your income. There are chances of unexpected losses because of opposing planetary positions. You need to ensure that you do not make investment in high risk ventures.

This is going to be an average year for people who are employed. There are chances of transfer or changes especially between the months of February to September, 2016. There are chances of promotions during the last few month of the year. Therefore people who are dew for promotions this year can get the good news this year.

This is just an average year for people who are in business and trade. You may face some problems related to partnership. You may face some business related issues because of being engaged in other non-business related problems. People who are in the business of real estate, chemical, electrical and electronic items may face certain problems till September. You need to ensure that you do not loan out too much of money during this period and should not make any high risk investment.

Socially and family wise this is comparatively a better year than the last. You will have enhanced prestige and power. You will have lesser number of family problems.

On an average year this year is going to be a busy year for the students. Which will take a toll on your academics. They would have to work extremely hard in order to get the desired result.

Some Remedies to overcome the problems

1. Offer water to the rising sun and recite Aditya hast strotam.

2. Wear gemstones like ruby, red coral and yellow sapphire.

3. In order to protect yourself from the ill-effects of the Saturn you need to wear Rudraksh which has seven mouthed opening around your neck.

4. You need to chant the as much as possible the following mantra’s “OM Aang Angaarkaynamah,”, “OM sham Shaneshcharayenamah”, OM Rah Rahveynamah.

5. Chant the Mahamritunjay mantra as well.

6. You should pray to lord hanuman and shiva.

7. You should offer water to the pepal tree everday. And on Saturday you should light an oil lamp there.