Hamsa Yoga Made Bhagat Singh a True Patriot

Bhagat Singh an Arian influenced by the Hamsa Yoga in his birth chart turned a true patriot and gave the highest sacrifice of his life to see India free of oppressive British Raj.


Any sentient Indian citizen will agree that it is mere foolishness to label a true patriot like Bhagat Singh as a ‘terrorist’.

It is so disgusting that a book titled ‘India’s Struggle for Independence’ written by Bipin Chandra and Mridula Mukherjee labels the great Bhagat Singh as a revolutionary “terrorist.”

Let us analyse the brave son of India; Bhagat Singh’s birth chart to understand his noble character.

‘Hamsa Yoga’ gave him a Noble and Righteous Character

The following is the birth chart of Bhagat Singh as per his available birth data.

Hamsa Yoga

Exalted 9th and 12th lord Jupiter in the 4th house not only gave him an attractive and impressive personality, but also a noble moral character. Presence of the ascendant lord Mars with Ketu in the 9th house of Jupiter turned him a true crusader rather than a God fearing and narrow minded religiously oriented person.

Bhagat Singh; a True Martyr

In order to see his nation free of the oppressive clutches of the British he gave the greatest possible sacrifice; his own life.

In his birth chart Mars aspects his Jupiter in the 4th house. This aspect not only gave him courage and bravery, but also turned him a crusader in India’s freedom struggle.

Since his Jupiter aspects his 8th house of death there should be no doubt that he was a true patriot and those who call him a terrorist are fools and must be punished. He sacrificed his life for the noblest cause for a human; serving his or her motherland.

Mars influenced Hamsa Yoga gave him a Great Intellect

His great intellect is reflected in his book, “Why I am an Atheist” which he wrote during 1930/31. The original book is in Punjabi language and later has been translated in Urdu and English.

The word atheist needs to be understood. It is better to be a good and justice loving person than a believer in God but a negative person.

If you are a righteous person, love your nation and are ready to sacrifice even your life for the freedom of your country then it is not necessary that you believe in God. Believing or not believing in a God is just a personal matter as long as you are a good and justice loving person.

For those who wish to understand why he was an atheist I humbly quote the following from the English translation of his book, “Why I am an Atheist”;

“Open your eyes and see millions of people dying of hunger in slums and huts dirtier than the grim dungeons of prisons; just see the labourers patiently or say apathetically while the rich vampires suck their blood; bring to mind the wastage of human energy that will make a man with a little common sense shiver in horror. Just observe rich nations throwing their surplus produce into the sea instead of distributing it among the needy and deprived. There are palaces of kings built upon the foundations laid with human bones. Let them see all this and say “All is well in God’s Kingdom.” Why so? This is my question.”

This clearly shows that he believed in self-efforts more than in fate or destiny and wanted justice for the poor and suffering humans.

Let us bow in respect of this great son of India!

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar