Gyan Mudra

A Hand Gesture for Knowledge and Wisdom
There is an ancient science of hand gestures utilizing fingers and thumb which are supposed to direct subtle energies in the body.‘Gyan Mudra’ or a gesture for knowledge and wisdom is described here.


Here the Sanskrit word Mudra stands for a ‘mark’ or ‘gesture’. The science of Mudra is an ancient science and involves distinct gestures of hands using thumb and fingers in order to direct the flow of subtle Pranic energy inside the body.

Various Mudras are used during meditation, pranayama (breathing exercises) or Tantric practices.

According to yoga, different areas of the hand stimulate certain areas of the brain. By applying light pressure to these areas of the hand, you can activate them.

In addition to the reflex action aspect of hand mudras, these Mudras symbolize various feelings, emotions, and states of mind.

Hand positions play certain part in rituals and customs of many societies and religions throughout the world.

The mudras are an ancient part of the Buddhist and Hindu traditions.

The ‘Gyan Mudra’ or the Hand Gesture for Knowledge and Wisdom …

How to do it?

Sit in any comfortable posture. You can as per your ability sit either cross legged on a cushion spread on ground or sit on a chair with legs hanging down and feet flat on a rug on the floor. Make sure that you use a non-synthetic material rug or carpet or mat below your feet. Insulate your feet from ground contact. If your feet or any other part of body touch ground during this practice then any useful energy generated will leak away.


Lightly touch the tip of your thumb to the tip of your index finger of the same hand as shown in the picture. The remaining three fingers of this hand are left in natural open position free of any tension.

Do with both hands simultaneously.

When to do it?

Well there is no specially prescribed time and you may do it at any time of day. Even during your morning evening prayers or meditation sessions you can sit with both hands in this Mudra.

What does it signify?

The thumb is very important part of one’s hand. Thumb is indicative of a person’s will power. The tip of thumb corresponds to certain important parts of brain. The index finger is under the planet Jupiter which governs one’s knowledge, wisdom and evolution.

In terms of the five elements viz. Earth (Prithvi), Water (Jal), Fire (Agni), Air (Vayu), Subtle Element (Aakaash) the thumb represents Earth and the index finger Water.

Benefits of doing it:

By sitting in this Mudra the subtle Pranic energy inside the body is controlled and well regulated. A regular practice of this Mudra makes one knowledgeable and wise. Apart from this, other benefits are:

• Increased mental peace.

• Better Concentration.

• Sharp Memory.

• Spiritual development.

• Cure of Insomnia.

• Cure of Mental Disorders.

• Eliminates Stress.

• Ends Depression if any.

• Develops telepathic abilities.


Lord Buddha Meditating in Gyan Mudra

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar