Get Rid of Planetary Afflictions with Food Astrology

Food Astrology – Food is not only to satiate one’s hunger. It also for fulfilling one’s hobby and this is an essential reason to eat food.

When anybody gets and enjoys eating food according to his choice then this creates a positive effect on his mental health. It has been declared in ancient scriptures that a sin committed previously comes and gives punishment in the form of the disease in the human body. When the human body performs penance then such health ailments get cured. The diseases of the human body are cured through suitable medications. Obstruction arising through planets is removed by worship, chants and giving donations. Donations and alms are given to make adverse planets favorable in one’s horoscope.

Food Astrology – When we talk of donation and alms then we realize that donating food holds great importance in astrology. It has been declared that donating food is one of the best donations. Some experts have declared that instead of donating money to monks, handicaps, and a lecturer including distressed people, donating food to them is better. It has been seen that any poor person expends donated money by drinking liquor instead of buying food with the donated money. Thus he misuses the donated money. It is better to donate food than money to poor people. Various kind of foodstuff can be donated to get favors of adverse planets in one’s horoscope. For marital success, Jupiter should be favorable and this is done with the help of donating grams. Wheat is to be donated to remove the negative effects of Sun. If the position of Moon is not favorable during the marriage then rice should be donated.

Food Astrology – For other remaining planets food to be donated are as follows. Red lentils and wheat are to be donated to get favors and good results from planet Mars. For Mercury green lentils, for Venus rice and black grams for Saturn are to be donated. You can also wear gemstones to get positive effects of planets. When you wear gemstones then the rays emitted by them bestows positive results. The rays of various colors emitted by gemstones produce positive effects on the human body. In the same way, you can get favors from planets by eating the food of their color shades. The names of seven days in the week have been bestowed after the names of seven planets. If you desire to get favorable results from planets then you can get good fruits by doing fast, worship as well as chants and reading hymns concerned with those planets.

When you start any new task then you seek an auspicious hour for it. In the same way when we eat and consume food concerned with planets then we can hit two birds with the same stone. In this way, we get the best results from planets. Let us know about days and foodstuff concerned with various planets:-

Planet Sun: Weekday Sunday, food-wheat, halva, and jaggery.
Planet Moon: Weekday-Monday, food-rice, curd, and sugar.
Planet Mars: Weekday-Tuesday, food-red lentil, jaggery sweets.
Planet Mercury: Weekday-Wednesday, food-green lentil sweets, green peas vegetable, three Tulsi leaves.
Planet Jupiter: Weekday-Thursday, food-gram dal, yellow gram sweets, yellow sweet rice, turmeric mixed wheat bread.
Planet Venus: Weekday-Friday, food-rice, kheer, milk cake.
Planet Saturn: Weekday-Saturday, food-black lentil, black lentil nuggets.

Medicinal bath also holds great importance when it comes to doing pacification of various planets. Whatever weekday is concerned with the planet to be pacified, you can take a medicinal bath on the same weekday.

Let us know on which day what kind of medicinal bath is to be taken:-

Sunday: Cow urine bath
Monday: Curd bath
Tuesday: Dust bath
Wednesday: Amla and lemon juice bath
Thursday: Honey bath
Friday: Milk bath
Saturday: Sea sum seed oil bath