Gemstones in Dreams

Dreams are windows into another world. Since long humans have tried to give meaning to dreams. Most interpretations are based upon deep seated emotions, psychology, life conditions and life experiences.


Amethyst: If you see an Amethyst in your dream then you will succeed in business and enjoy contentment.

A young woman losing an Amethyst in her dream may experience problems in love and getting married.

Crystal: To come across a crystal in any form in a dream is believed to indicate approaching low period in regards to business dealings and relations with people. If a woman dreams of a dining room furnished in crystals then she may experience disrespect from those whom she gives respect.

Diamond: Dreaming of having a diamond indicates forthcoming honour, respect and recognition from those in authority.

A young girl receiving a diamond from her lover can expect a marriage of great respect and harmony.

If you lose a diamond in your dream it is considered unlucky. If you dream of stealing a diamond from a dead body then your insincerity towards others will be exposed.

Emerald: Encountering an emerald in a dream indicates troubles regarding inheritance of property. Buying an emerald in a dream indicates unfortunate dealings in life.

It is considered unfavourable to dream of an emerald on the body of your loved one.

Ruby: To dream of a Ruby gemstone foretells success in business dealings. It also indicates success in love affairs.

A woman losing a ruby in her dream may expect lack of sympathy from her lover.

Sapphire: To dream of a Sapphire indicates gains which may prove unfortunate. A woman dreaming a Sapphire foretells her wise selection of a good lover.

Topaz: To dream of a Topaz indicates having good companions. A woman losing a Topaz in her dream may get injured or hurt through jealous friends.

If a woman receives a Topaz from anyone other than her relatives then it foretells her good luck in love affairs.

Turquoise: Dreaming of a Turquoise foretells realisation of a desire which will give pleasure to self and relatives.

If a woman loses a Turquoise in her dream then it foretells of some trouble in love affair.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar