Gandmool Dosha and its Cure

Gandmool Dosha and its Cure

Gandmool Dosha – Some portions of the constellations of Mercury and Ketu constitute this dosha or defect. A child born under these suffers from Gandamoola Dosha.

Gandmool dosha Cure
Three constellations of Mercury are Ashlesha, Jyeshtha and Revatiand the three constellations of Ketu are Magha, Moola and Ashvini not all but some portions of these nakshatras are considered inauspicious for child birth and performing any auspicious ceremony.

Expected Results …

For a person born under various parts of the above mentioned six nakshatras the expected results are described below:

Ashlesha: 1stcharan: Enjoys authority. 2ndcharan: Loses money. 3rdcharan: Loses mother. 4thcharan: Loss to father.

Jyeshtha: 1stcharan: Elder brother suffers. 2ndcharan: Younger brother suffers. 3rdcharan: Mother suffers. 4thcharan: Loss to self.

Revati: 1stcharan: Honoured by the state. 2ndcharan: Enjoys authority. 3rdcharan: Gets pleasures. 4thcharan: Sorrows and suffering in life.

Magha: 1stcharan: Not good for mother. 2ndcharan: Not good for father. 3rdcharan: Gets pleasure and property. 4thcharan: Financial gains.

Moola: 1stcharan: Not good for father. 2ndcharan: Not good for mother. 3rdcharan: Loss of money. 4thcharan: Financial gain.

Ashvini: 1stcharan: Not good for father. 2ndcharan: Prosperity in life.
3rdcharan: Enjoys high status. 4thcharan: Honoured by the state.

Propitiation for Gandamool Dosha :If a child is born under any inauspicious part of any of the above nakshatras then get Gandamoola-Shanti performed under the same nakshatra as it returns after 27 days from the day of birth. If it was not done earlier then get the Shanti performed under the same nakshatra as and when possible at the earliest.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar