Feng Shui for Health

Feng Shui for Health – Health is wealth and there is no doubt in it. Once you lose health through negligence no amount of wealth can bring it back. So why not follow the Feng Shui wisdom and enjoy vibrant health at negligible cost?

Feng shui for Health

Feng Shui for Health; Quality of Energy

It is of extreme importance to realize that your health above everything else depends greatly upon the quality of air and the free flowing energy in the premises where you live or spend most of your time.

One cannot control the quality of air outside but a lot can be done to take care of the air inside the house. Feng Shui gives top priority to air quality.

You may be focusing only on eating most nutritious diet and daily exercise etc. and not paying any attention at all to the quality of energy flowing in your house or office. No doubt that nutritious food and exercise are must for health but the quality of air you inhale matters a lot. You not only inhale oxygen but also this subtle energy which is known by different names and for Feng shui it is known as the ‘Chi’ energy. In India people are familiar with its name as the ‘Prana Energy’

The easiest way to improve air quality is to use indoor plants. The table below lists some plants which when placed inside the house remove negative energy and boost positive energy by removing toxic material from the air.

Name of PlantBenefitSpecial Feature
FicusRemoves formaldehyde, benzene, and ammonia from the airAlso helps in overcoming negative effect of a low ceiling
PalmRemoves xylene and formaldehyde from carpetingGood for carpeted rooms
Rubber PlantIts leaves symbolize good fortune, abundance, and wealthAttracts wealth when placed in the wealth area
English IvyRemoves benzene found in plastics, and helps control formaldehyde from carpets and paintc
Spider plantRemoves carbon monoxide, formaldehyde and xylene from the airBenefits more if placed near a fireplace
African VioletIts leaves symbolize coins so it attracts wealthBest placed in the wealth area

Feng Shui for Health; Natural Light and Colours

The natural light is very important for a healthy environment. Although natural light contains all the colours of the spectrum, yet lights of different colours nourish the specific types of energy.

Use of vibrant colours through art and furnishings make the house or office a happy, joyful, fresh and vibrant place.

Feng Shui for Health; Improve the Health Area

In Feng Shui the Bagua also called the Feng Shui energy map defines different areas. Although the health of the residents depends upon the whole area of a house yet the Health Area as per Feng Shui needs extra care.

There are many feng shui cures that you can apply to improve the health areas in your house. You can find out by experimenting what items or cures work best. You can use the Wood and Water elements, Laughing Buddha sculpture or lucky bamboo plant etc.

Article by Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar