Fate of Aam Aadmi Party Government in Delhi?

AAP is these days not only talk of the town rather that of the whole country. Let us analyse its chart and let astrological indications rise up as probable predictions…

Aam Aadmi Party

For astrological analysis we have taken the date and time when the elected members of the Aam Aadmi Party took oath and their government came into being in Delhi.

On 28th December 2013 at 12 noon at Ramlila Ground in New Delhi the AAP government of the state of Delhi came into existence, hence its astrological birth chart is as given below:


The author of this article likes to clarify that the above chart does not represent any one individual rather a group of people so the result of the analysis and any predictions made there from are only very broad probabilities being under multiple influences of people of the party even outside the core government and those giving it any type of support.

Astrological Revelations of the Personality of Aam Aadmi Party…

It’s a chart of Pisces ascendant sign which is a watery sign ruled by Jupiter. Also the ascendant lord Jupiter is retrograde so the sign and its lord gives characteristics of philosophical, imaginative and dreamy way of thinking, Due to the auspiciousness of Jupiter the intentions are righteous but way of approach is restless and outspoken.

Pisces is a dual sign as well as a watery sign hence the party is a puzzle for itself as well as for others. The dual sign gives social inclination, but a contradictive nature.

The party has been observed to come up with fanciful and impractical ideas and this characteristic is interestingly lent by feminine qualities of the negative or feminine sign of Pisces.

The main reason why most other parties find it difficult to cope with AAP is the peculiar Pisces type character. The ascendant itself represents the persons leading the party and Pisces being the 12th sign of the zodiac carry characteristics of good intentions but timid and confidence lacking approach.

Timidity as well as dreamy and imaginative along with moody nature is due to 5th lord Moon placed in the negative house viz. the 8th house also Moon is afflicted due to Rahu and 12th lord Saturn.

Working Style of the Government…

The ascendant lord is retrograde as well as placed in its enemy Mercury’s house. The 10th house of governance or workings is heavily afflicted due to placement of malefic Mercury (due to lordship of both square houses), Venus (due to its retrograde state and lordship of negative houses viz. 3rd and 8th) and the 6th lord Sun.

The 6th lord Sun here represent all difficulties, obstacles and legal actions. So the working style is unpredictable and marred by all the above explained negativities.

Support of Congress…

AAP married Congress for its existence. So the 7th house represents this political support or partnership. The 7th lord Mercury is afflicted and malefic Mars is placed in the 7th house.

This makes this alliance very volatile and unpredictable. Only thing it is still running is the fact that Mars is lord of luck of AAP.

Future Predictions for AAP Government in Delhi…

Since its formation the planetary sub-period (antardasha) of Venus in the main period (mahadasha) of Rahu is running.

The above dasha and antardasha will remain so till 21st May 2015. However for short term predictions we need to consider the sub-sub level of dasha witch is called the pratantardasha.

Since its formation the government is in the pratantardasha (Sub-sub period) of Jupiter and this will last till 6th of May 2014. After this the pratantardasha of Saturn will operate till 21st October 2014.

The present Pratantardasha of the ascendant lord Jupiter gives some security to the existence of this government but difficulties are bound to mount further as Jupiter is retrograde and afflicted and aspects the 10th house of governance. So the party has chances of survival at least till April 2014.

The period from 7th May 2014 till 21st October 2014 will be under the pratantardasha (sub-sub period) of Saturn. Saturn in this chart is not a favorable planet. Saturn is placed in the 8th house in its sign of exaltation. Now as regards Saturn the negative points are that it is 12th lord and malefic. Its placement in the 8th house as Saturn signifies this house is considered not favorable.

Saturn even though it is exalted, shortens the life span of this government drastically. So this government is bound to die young most probably in this period of Saturn.

There is one favourable Yoga is being formed in this chart and that is due to placement of 12th lord in the 8th house. This is called Vipreet Raaj Yoga. Only this yoga can give some sudden and unexpected results at any time particularly during period of Saturn and can help this government.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar