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Shubhlabh Jyotish

Honest God gifted reader. Shubhlabh Jyotish is having 20 years experience. Due to interest in Astrology and Intuition power right from student life, was inspired by Guru to study astrology. By sitting with various famous astrologers attained good experience in calculations and predictions. Being an Astrologer, have introduced a New Systems for the First Time; a great divine science of prediction with effective remedies of all problems caused by negative effects of stars in your day to day life.

Ask Questions and you will have your life picture in front of you.

No Horoscope- No Birth Detail. Require only questioner him/her self during time of Questioning.
Easy Guide Line to ask Question

Guideline To Ask Me a question

NO Horoscope-NO Birth Detail. Require only questioner him/her self during time of Questioning. Select the one subject of question (do not mix 2 subjects or 2 questions in 1 question) Give me question detail in 4 to 5 line, cover all detail requires to answer you. Think the question you have prepared to ask me! Give me the 1st number comes in your mind Between 1 to 25 only. Give me only 1st number comes in your mind. With ought giving me number, I cannot reply to your question, do not give the number you like-give only 1st no come in your mind to get a right answer.


(A) Any one want to ask for child, this time (HUSBAND & WIFE) both as to think question & give him 1st number come in his/her mind to get perfect Answer. Will be count as 2 questions.

(B) Life Reading Require only your Name & date of birth – I can prepare for you, your General life report, which include many your life secret! Like your General character, your life style, Lucky Number, Favourable Period, Favourable Days, Finance, Favourable Dates, Important Years, Favourable Colours, Marriage(give you suitable date to help you in selection of good life partner) and Friends, you as Wife or Husband, Favourable Stone, Health, Carrier & your Faults which make your life miserable……. You will get many remedies to make your life easy.

(C) Personalised Ask A Question Report
To ask me question by Emil follow this guideline to ask me question. Select the subject of question-give detail in 3 to 4 line-Make the one question out of detail given to me (do not mix two subjects in one question.). Think of your question; give me 1st number come in your mind between 1 to 25 only. Do not give the number you like-give me only the 1st number come in your mind between 1 to 25 only. Does not frigate to give me number?

If you are looking for a full fast detailed reading she will help you in every phase of the life and give you the right remedies and right predictions in your life to take a right path. While predict she will be your Friend and Psychic. She does all his readings caring 100% about you.

She is having lots of clients from around the World.