Easy ‘LalKitab’ Remedies for Afflicted Planets

The ‘LalKitab’ expounds a unique system of divination and is based upon doctrines completely different from Vedic or any other system of astrology but its simple remedies are very effective.


LalKitab is the name of a set of five books, published between 1939 and 1952. The originator of this unique treatise is believed to be the late Pundit Roop Chand Joshi of Punjab (India) who lived from 1898 to 1982.

It is believed that Pt. Roop Chand had intuitive divine revelations in a sort of semi-trance state which he wrote down and later these were published in the form of a set of books.

Many people have testified that seemingly easy remedies contained in this book are very effective.

In order to benefit from the material of this article you need to get your birth chart prepared as per the ‘LalKitab’ principles and then find out which planet is causing problems in your life. The following remedies if done with faith and sincerity will give relief.

Remedies for the Sun

♣ Worship Lord Vishnu.

♣ Try to avoid getting anything in charity.

♣ Before commencing any new work or journey eat some sweets and then have a sip of water.

♣ Immerse a copper coin or a piece of copper in a river.

Remedies for the Moon

♣ If in your birth chart (made as per Lal Kitab) the Moon falls in Aries viz. the first house then if possible avoid a business which deals with milk and other dairy products.If it is in the 8th house in Scorpio sign then bring some water from a cremation ground in a bottle and keep it in your home.If the Moon is in Aquarius sign then worship Lord Shiva and recite the “Om Namaha Shivaye” mantra at least 108 times at any time everyday till the problem is sorted out.

♣ Accept an item of silver as a gift from your mother.

♣ Look after your mother so that she blesses you.

Remedies for Mars

♣ Immerse a handful of red lentil (Masoor Daal) in a river.

♣ Look after your younger brothers if any and avoid getting angry with them.

♣ Try to keep a day long fast on Tuesdays till your problem is resolved.

♣ Visit a Hanuman Temple on Tuesdays.

Remedies for Mercury

♣ Immerse a copper coin in a river.

♣ Give green bangles and clothes to a eunuch.

♣ Wear a copper pendent around your neck.

♣ Feed green fodder to cows.

Remedies for Jupiter

♣ Make a paste of Safforon and turmeric powder and apply it on your forehead.

♣ Wrap some raw white grams, raw turmeric and Safforon in a piece of yellow clothe and offer it in a temple.

♣ Feed small girls of less than nine years of age.

♣ Wear a gold pendent around your neck.

♣ In case Jupiter in your chart (made as per LalKitab) is in the 7th house then avoid keeping idols of gods and goddesses which are bigger than about three to four inches.

Remedies for Venus

♣ Use a pleasant perfume or natural scent on your body or clothes especially on Fridays.

♣ Throw away a blue flower in a drain for 43 days consecutively.

♣ Worship goddess Lakshami.

♣ Offer yogurt, clarified butter (desi ghee), and camphor at a temple or any other holy place.

Remedies for Saturn

♣ Pour some alcoholic drink or mustard oil on an unpaved ground after sunrise and repeat it for 43 days consecutively.

♣ Apply some mustard oil on bread (chapatti) and feed it to the dogs and crows.

♣ Donate an item of iron to a needy person.

Remedies for Rahu

♣ Immerse some barley seeds or wheat seeds in a river.

♣ Donate radish to a needy person.

♣ Immerse some raw coal (Kachcha Kola) in a river.

♣ Keep some aniseed (Saunf) in a red pouch under your pillow.

Remedies for Ketu

♣ Put a spot (Tika) of saffron on your forehead.

♣ Wear gold earrings.

♣ Donate a white and black woollen blanket in a religious place.

♣ Worship Lord Ganesh.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar