Diwali Remedies 2023 for Safe and Color Diwali

Remedies Diwali 2023 – Diwali is one of the biggest five-day carnivals of Hindus. It is celebrated with lots of laughter in different parts of the country. Every year, people of all cast and religion come together and celebrate this festival with colorful lamps, crackers and sweets.

Diwali Remedies 2023

Diwali Remedies 2023

How to Celebrate this Festival

As Diwali is going to be arrived on 12 November 2023, you should do a few things to enjoy this auspicious occasion with full joy and excitement such as:

1. Clean and Decorate the House – All the corners of your house should be cleaned properly before the starting of this carnival. Also, the business area or shops should be dirt free in order to get the blessings of Maa Laxmi. Along with this, you should decorate your house and business space with attractive rangoli designs and beautiful flowers.

2. Lit the Lamps- Every night during the fest, lit the electric lights or diyas of ghee at different corners of your home to remove the darkness or negativity from dark areas. You can celebrate a fun-filled Diwali with the use of decorated plain clay diyas.

3. Fire Crackers- As it is an important part of Diwali, no one can abstain from burning firecrackers. But, you should celebrate this event with eco-friendly crackers made up of natural herbs. Moreover, you can buy crackers that are free from noise pollution.

4. Donation- It will be profitable for you to donate your old cloths or other items to a needy person on this propitious day. In this manner, your Diwali will be brighter as well as meaningful.

Apart from this, below are some Dos and Don’ts associated with this festival fever to avoid any unwanted damage:

1. Purchase the quality crackers only from licensed shop of crackers.

2. Burn the firecrackers with care. Read the instructions mentioned on the label of firecrackers properly before bursting it.

3. You should keep an eye on young children when they play with crackers.

4. All individuals should wear cotton cloths.

5. You should not burn crackers in the crowded places.

6. Maintaining safe distance is essential while burning the crackers.

7. Keep the first aid ready for treating the cases of burns or injuries.

8. Girls should tie their long hair properly while bursting the crackers.

9. People, who have some respiratory problems, should stay away from these crackers.

10. You should not light the crackers in hand.

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