Digitally connecting with the people, using numerology

With the help of numerology, future of a person can be predicted accurately. Numerology is a science related to the numbers, and every number has an impact on everybody’s life. There is a hidden meaning of a number, when it is shown along the journey of life. Life of any person is governed by the day of birth, and with the help of numerology, predictions of a person’s life can be made. Through numerology, it can be found that, what challenges one may face in his or her life.

Now-a days, in this period of pandemic, all the world is preferring the digital connectivity. It is possible to connect with anybody, anytime. Even offices are having virtual meetings, and following work from home culture. But, for all these activities, there should be a fixed schedule. Because you can not be in contact with all the persons, at all the times. If you are organizing a group event, you can calculate the number of the date. Whereas, if you are having any personal assignment then calculate either your birth number or your name number. If there is any occasion, in which two persons are involved, you can consider personal numbers of both the persons and then find a date which is good for both.

According to numerology each number is having a certain meaning.

Numerology Number 1

This number shows the action, which means you can start any new projects, and take important decisions, which will give you better results for your future. You can plan a virtual meeting, which may result in a positive result, such as signing a contract. Do not organize any social virtual meeting, as these meetings do not have any particular goals.

Numerology Number 2

This number indicates the balance, which means that you should consider the available options in front of you and take advise from your partner, and think about the others also. You can plan a virtual date. You can collaborate with a partner on a project.

Numerology Number 3

This number shows the successful completion of the task. You can plan some adventures, with your friends. You can expect cooperation from your acquaintances and friends. A group meeting can be arranged with colleagues to discuss some new ideas and solutions.

Numerology Number 4

Number 4 indicates the stability. You should focus on your primary responsibilities and priorities. You should concentrate on your regular works and you can plan some online exercising classes, or any other regular works.

Numerology Number 5

This number indicates a change. You can take on new challenges, you can also see for some future works which may be associated with marketing. You can plan a product launch or demonstration of product, virtually. You can even have a meeting with your friends to get something new.

Numerology Number 6>/h3>
This number indicates rest. You can work on your collaborations and partnership. You can also try to build up your relationships. Maintain bond with family members. You can refresh your connections with your relatives, by calling them. Also try to connect with your business link ups.

Numerology Number 7

This number indicates intuition. You can pursue your personal interests, such as art. You can also go with your intuitions. You can get online reading or telephonic reading of your future. You can join a virtual class for arts.

Numerology Number 8>/h3>
This number shows power. Persons having this number should focus on financial goals. You can go for solving difficult problems. Plan a business related meeting virtually.

Numerology Number 9

This number shows achievement. Persons having this personal number should go to achieve their growth. They can start some new task or project. You can arrange a meeting with business contact which is new. You can attend a virtual class or seminar.

Taking into account the numerology of each you can make you’re your contacts and maintain relations accordingly.