Spiritual Eye – Colours of the Spiritual Eye

Spiritual Eye – Only those on the spiritual path may know what a Spiritual Eye is. It is not fiction but real and is seen in deep meditation at the centre of the forehead between the eyebrows….

Spiritual Eye

Have you ever heard of ‘Spiritual Eye’? It is not fiction but reality and the one you may see in deep meditation. Those who see it are blessed as they have much advanced on the spiritual path.

The Details of the Spiritual Eye

In the beginning the spiritual eye is beheld imperfectly, it is seen as a dim violet light with a faint circle around it, and a dot in the center.

When the spiritual eye is beheld clearly, it is a golden circle of light surrounding an area of deep blue. In the center of this blue circle is a five pointed white star.

How it is formed?

The medulla,which can be felt as a lump at the back of the head just above the neck is the seat of ego in human body. It is the negative pole of Self-consciousness, whereas the positive pole is located at the point between the eyebrows which is called the Kutastha or the third eye.

This is the centre of the higher expression of Self-consciousness. At this point is beheld the spiritual eye, which is a reflection of the pranic energy that enters the body through the medulla.

Significance of the Colours of the Spiritual Eye

Three colours associated with the Spiritual eye are Golden, Deep Blue and white. Let us see what these colours signify in connection with the Spiritual Eye.

Golden: The golden colour is linked to masculine energy and the power of the Sun. In the Spiritual eye the golden circle represents the ever glowing effulgent inner Sun the Soul or the Over-self. The ultimate God whom this colour represents is masculine or positive force called “Purush”. It is also the colour indicating spiritual progress. In the astral there is a plane of existence known as the land of golden light.


Gold is associated with that which is Holy to God “You shall also make a plate of pure gold and engrave on it, like the engraving of a signet: HOLINESS TO THE LORD.” Exodus 28:36

Blue: Blue is the colour of Spirit, devotion, wisdom and esoteric study.

As per a verse of the Bible, the Ark of the Covenant in the Tabernacle was covered with blue cloth representing its close association with the Word of God (Numbers 4:5-7; 11-13).

The word of God is what we call as ‘OM’; the eternal creative vibration. So as per the Bible the blue of the Spiritual eye connects us with the sacred sound OM.

The OM Mantra

White: The five pointed tiny white star in the centre of the spiritual eye is the doorway to the over-self (One’s God) so white represents purity, spirituality, goodness and heaven. It is a doorway to heaven as in deep meditation a Yogi can penetrate it and go up in super conscious state.

White in scripture is connected with purity and righteousness. In Roman times the giving of white stone symbolised release from crime and innocence. Thus those who overcome sin are purified and cleansed through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

When Jesus returns they will be clothed in white fine linen symbolising righteousness.

Thus we observe that colours speak a lot even on the spiritual plane of existence.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar