Chhath Puja – A Biggest Hindu Festival

Chhath Puja is one of the famous festivals of Hindus. As per the Hindu calendar, it falls on Kartika Shukla Shashthi in the month of Kartika. This four day festival is dedicated to the Sun (God of energy). In 2023, it is going to be held on Friday, November 17 2023 that will continue till Monday, November 20 2023. Chhath is celebrated by a large number of people for offering thanks to the God Sun as the blessed the life on Earth. People get the blessings of wellness and progress for their family members, friends and relatives by worshipping God Sun enthusiastically.

chhath puja

Chath Puja Rituals and Traditions

It is a holy festival observed for four days. During this time, worshiper wakes up early in the morning and takes the holy bath. Also, worshiper sleeps on the floor in a single blanket. The Lord Sun and Chatiya Maiya ae worshiped on this occasion. For the purpose of worshiping, devotees bring some sweets, Kheer, Thekua and fruits in a small bamboo basket and perform the puja near the river. After worshiping, they distribute this prasad to the family members and closed ones. These items are considered as Prasad so it should be free from salt, onion or garlic. People should focus on purity while making these food items.

First Day: October 28 – Nahay Khay As per the ritual, devotees take holy bath early in the morning on the first day of Chath. Also, they clean their home properly to perform prayers. They have only one time meal in a day.

Second Day: October 29 – Karna On the second day which is known as Panchami, devotees observe a full day fast. They break their fast after sunset in the evening after worshiping Earth. Rasiao-kheer, puris and fruits are offered by them in the puja. Devotees go on fast again after taking evening meal. It s a very difficult task because they continue this fast without taking water for the next 36 hours.

Third Day: October 30 – Chhath puja On the third day of Chath, worshipers gather at the ghat of river bank for offering Sanjhiya Arghya. According to the custom, they wear the single saree of turmeric color after giving Arghya. Family members also receive the blessings from worshiper.

Fourth Day: October 31 – Usha Arghya On the fourth day, devotees offer Bihaniya Aragh in the early morning at the river bank of Ganga. Now, they end their fast by eating the Chath Prasad.

Importance of Chath Puja

It has great importance during the period of Sunrise and Sunset. It is the best time for a human body to get the solar energy without any damage. Because of this, there is a custom of giving Sanjhiya Arghya as well as Bihaniya Arghya to the Lord Sun on Chath occasion. People get the blessings of Sun by performing this holy puja.

Chath Puja rituals give mental piece and purify the body and mind. Also, it increases the energy level and reduces negative emotions. Apart from this, such beliefs and customs make it the most important occasion in the Hinduism.