Can You Become an Astrologer?

It is true as I always say that all astrological indications in a birth chart are weak as well as strong probabilities only.


Correct analysis of an accurately made birth chart can give a broad canvas of your destiny. Are you destined to become an astrologer?…

A good astrologer needs to be truthful and self-confident therefore analyze the ascendant and its lord in your horoscope. Strong and blemish free ascendant as well as its lord planet give self-reliance, truthfulness and a good positive character.

A good astrologer needs strong and well placed Mercury in the birth chart. Mercury gives not only sharp and knowledgeable intellect but also tact skill and mathematical ability and these traits are necessary for an astrologer. Jupiter carries great importance for becoming a wise guide for the clients.

Moon is very important as its position and state in a chart affects the mind, thinking and clarity of thought etc.

The following if found in a birth chart indicate probability of becoming a successful astrologer:

• Placement of Mercury and Jupiter in square or trine houses and under good aspects.

• Conjunction of the 5th lord or Mercury or Jupiter with the 8th house lord in the 2nd house of the birth chart. This situation gives ability for deep thought and analysis.

• Mutual sign exchange between Mercury and Jupiter in a chart.

• Association of the 8th lord with the Moon or Saturn gives interest in Astrology.

• Conjunction of the 5th and 8th lords gives interest in Astrology.

•Conjunction of the 5th lord with 8th lord in the ascendant and link with 2nd and 11th lords gives success in astrological work.

• Association of strong Moon with the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter and under aspect of 10th and 11th lords gives Astrology. as profession.

• Favorable association of Moon and Saturn under good aspects.

• Favorable placement of strong Jupiter in the birth chart and it being in its own Navansha gives intuition and ability to foresee future of the native.

• Placement of Mercury in the 2nd or 3rd houses makes one good astrologer.

• Association of Mercury with Mars and Venus giving sharp intellect and good speaking power.

• If maximum out of the following are either placed in or signify the 10th house then one can enjoy great success as an astrologer:

Ascendant lord, 5th lord, 8th lord, 9th lord, Mercury, Jupiter.

Birth Chart of India’s famous and Successful Astrologer the Late Dr. B. V. Raman …


Some prominent features of the above chart are:

• Conjunction of exalted Moon with the ascendant lord Saturn in a square house and under aspect of Jupiter.

• Placement of 11th and 2nd lord Jupiter in the house of profession.

• Association of Mercury with Mars and Yogakarak Venus

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar