Can India ever become Corruption Free?

The astrological chart of India does not give any indication of complete elimination of corruption and even the governance till date does not support wholeheartedly a corruption free India.


Clouds of troubles over the Parliament

In the astrological chart of independent India the parliament is represented by the Capricorn sign and the 11th house. The lord of this house viz. Saturn is placed at 8th place from this house and is retrograde. This indicates troubles and instability in general. The sign exchange between the 6th lord and 11th lord also indicates troubles.


Who Controls the Parliament …?

The sun as lord of the 6th house is placed in the house of parliament which clearly indicates that the parliament is controlled and influenced by the people in power such as industrialists and government officials.

The Ruling Party is always Under Influence of Rahu

The ruling party is here represented by Jupiter which is debilitated in the 11th house and is conjunct Sun and retrograde Venus, so even the ruling party is not fully independent.

In this chart Rahu is the depositor of Jupiter in the ascendant. This very clearly points to Rahu (negative forces) influencing Jupiter and thereby the ruling party at any time is oppressing the interests of the general public. The law and order and public health both represented by the 1st house are also always under high degree of corruption.

Civil Servants are not Independent to Act

Saturn being retrograde and ill posited in the chart shows the lack of independent power in the hands of civil servants. This is exposed by the recent case of Shri Ashok Khemka an IAS officer. This honest officer believed that it was his duty to save the nation from corrupt practices. As a reward he is being constantly punished by frequent transfers and harassment. This case clearly shows that it does not matter which party is ruling, the corrupt are always under protection.

Misuse of National Wealth

The Moon occupies the 2nd house of national wealth. Both Jupiter and the Sun fall in the constellation of the Moon so national wealth is misused by those in power.

Injustice towards Masses

The lord of the 4th house of the masses viz. Mercury is retrograde in the 10th house. This is clear indication of injustice by the ruling party towards the people of the nation.

Crime against Women

Rahu aspects the 7th house which itself is occupied by Mars and Ketu it clearly indicates the ever rising crime against women and lack of seriousness of authorities to curb it.

So in the above analysis there is no indication of clean governance. Influence of Rahu over Jupiter indicates that eradication of corruption is next to impossible. Only a revolution of some kind can alter the chart of India and until that happens there is no scope of complete eradication of the disease of corruption.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar