Breakup : These planets may cause separation and remedies

Breakup: These planets may cause separation, can be avoided if proper remedy is done

“Whenever, a person is in love, he feels like to be in heaven, his heart becomes soft and pure, and the person becomes a good human being”.
True love, takes a person, more near to god, but if there is any problem or trouble in your relation, person feels depressed and tensed. Negativity captures his mind, and he feels so helpless that, if proper remedy is not done, condition becomes serious.

Astrology explains the factors that affect love life. It is said that, fifth house in your horoscope is assumed to be responsible for your love life. Whenever, fifth house is affected by evil planets, then these cause problems in one’s love life. There are tensions and arguments in one’s relationship, and sometimes it may cause even separation. If some solution is found out for these planets causing problems, then it is possible to sort out the problems.


It is very much necessary to keep Saturn, calm and tranquil. When Saturn becomes inauspicious, it affects one’s love life, and when it looks towards fifth house, then, there may be clashes and it may even cause breakup. It is therefore advised to worship Lord Saturn, on Saturdays, and donate those things which are related to Saturn.


In astrology, it is said that Mars is commander of all the planets, and it is very strong headed. Whenever, Mars becomes inauspicious, it causes conflicts and arguments in one’s relation. Relationships are affected due to high temperament. To make Mars auspicious, one should worship Lord Hanuman, it will be beneficial.

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Whenever, Sun becomes inauspicious, it causes troubles in love relations, and elders start taking objections, on your love relation. As a remedy, it is advised to offer holy water to Lord Sun. You should try to please your father; this will be beneficial.


In astrology, Rahu and Ketu are assumed to be sinful planets, and when they become inauspicious, then they create confusions in relations, and therefore, there are unnecessary disagreements. Rahu and Ketu may even cause breakup. To calm down Rahu and Ketu, worshipping Lord Shiva and Lord Ganesha will be beneficial.