Black Magic and Spells-works of devils!

The black magicians, evil spell-casters and all such evildoers are in fact living in a Fool’s Paradise. And in the end, it is the same evil doer who is harmed and spoils his or her many lives to come, delaying own evolution.

Black magic

Black magic

It is also true that plenty of nonsense material has been written on the subject and most of it simply misguides people and creates fear. Well, let’s not waste time and effort in arguing whether such things exist or not. On this Earth both positive as well as negative forces exist, there should be no doubt about that. There are people with bad intentions, who have not evolved enough to realise the amount of damage they can do to their own lives by their negative thoughts; thoughts of causing harm to fellow-beings out of jealousy, hatred or any other selfish interests. Most often the effected person or the victim is a mentally weak person having little faith in him or herself. So be bold and positive, do no evil to others and fear no one and no fool’s deeds. This is the best ever remedy against all negative forces. But take it as granted that the evildoer adds a load of bad Karma to his or her account and then has to spend many lives in overcoming this.

Realise your Inner Strengths …

You are not just this frail physical body, well I have deliberately called it as ‘frail’, I am afraid a physically strong person may not agree, but the truth is always bitter; it just takes an invisible Virus or a bacteria to put even the strongest body on bed. But this is not mentioned just to discourage you rather to strengthen you with the fact that our real self, the driver of this frail body our Soul, Spirit or the Over-self is invincible. Shalokas 23 and 24 of chapter 2 of Bhagvad Gita explain the invincibility of our soul or spirit as: “Weapons do not cut this Spirit, fire does not burn it, water does not make it wet, and the wind does not make it dry. The Spirit cannot be cut, burned, wetted, or dried. It is eternal, all pervading, unchanging, immovable, and primeval.” So, if you rely upon this truth consciously all the time then even your frail body and weak mind can fight the strongest negative forces upon this material world. Yet in another Shaloka the Lord assures our protection amidst the confusing mayavic forces: “DaiviHyesaGunamayi Mama Maya Duratyaya Mameva Ye PrapadyanteMayametamTarantiTe” The Shloka states that the celestial maya(delusive nature of existence) of God with its threefold attributes is very complex. Yet, those who worship God are able to conquer it. I would like to clarify that by worshipping God is meant to keep faith in the real self.

Do’s and Don’ts …

In order to stay away from such influences and save yourself there are some suggestions which you should take care of.

Things to Do

Things to Avoid

Do believe in own inherent Divine strength

Don’t misuse your strength to harmothers

Do a good deed everyday such as helping a needy person. Help is not only through giving money, it could also be through your kindness, attention, care or giving moral strength.

Do not take pity on anyone, rather consider it as that person’s humble role in the present life and with that understanding give your help or support.

Do daily introspection and meditation in order to raise your spiritual awareness.

Do not waste time in gossiping, back-biting or criticizing others.

Do spend at least ten minutes daily sitting before the deity you have faith in and thank for whatever you get in life.

Never ever resort to tantric totakas which could harm others in order to accomplish your interests.

Stay away from black magician, evil-spell casters or self-styled babaas and tantriks who guarantee to solve your problem within so many hours or days.

Be rational and consult only intelligent, educated and well trained rational consultants. You can always trust the experts providing services through There are other many good and rational consultants but you need to search.

Have faith in good and compassionate God, because God is only good and compassionate and never any tyrannical force.

You should never fear God rather love God!

Follow some safe breathing exercises (Pranayaam). Breathing exercises are must for fast-evolving on the Siritual ladder and to keep your mind positive and immune from negative influences.

Always follow standard ancient Pranayaam exercises, which you can learn from well-trained guides rather than self-styled Yogic Gurus which are in plenty these days. Wrong breathing exercises do more harm than good.

Tips to replace Negative Energy with Positive Energy in your Premises … 1. Regularly burn a good quality thick incense stick in your premises. Select the brand which appeals to your senses. Aggarbattis and cones need to be avoided. 2. Once a week, say on Saturdays, keep a burning Camphor piece on a big spoon held in your hand and run it throughout your premises, especially the corners and dark areas while reciting (the Gayatri Mantra),

‘Om BhurBhawaSwa, tatsviturvarenium, Bhargodevasyadhimahidhioyonaprochodiyaat’
And then leave the still burning piece outside your main gate, slightly away from your house, not in the middle of a road, but on a side taking care of safety of others. Watch it, till it is burning. Do not extinguish it, let it go-off on its own after burning completely. If ever you have any doubt about such matters then you can order our product:

Article by : Pawan Kumar