Bhaidooj 2023 – The Festival Of Love Of Brothers And Sisters

Bhaidooj 2023 is an important festival for brothers and sisters. Just as Rakhi or raksha bandhan celebrates the love of brothers and sisters, Bhaidooj is an occasion for showing love for your brother. The day comes after Govardhan Pooja or annakoot. It is the last day of the five days long Diwali festival. Girls and women can wish and pray for the well being, happiness, and good health of their brothers on Bhaidooj. In return, the brother presents a gift to his sister for her wishes of prosperity, love, and a long life. Bhaidooj will be celebrated on 14 November 2023.

Bhaidooj Customs According To Hindy Mythology

bhaidooj 2023

bhaidooj 2023

Indian mythology says that Lord Krishna killed Narkasur and visited sister Subhadra on this day. Subhadra applauded him and welcomed him. She gave respect to Krishna with tilak or forehead and did his arti. Another Hindu mythology tale says that Yamraj, who is considered to the God of death, went to Yami’s house, who is his sister. Yami welcomes Yamraj with tilak. It is believed that if a girl applies tilak on her brother on the day of bhaidooj, he will be protected from the harsh treatment and pain of hell, its punishment, and fire. This has started the custom of applying tilak of a brother’s forehead on bhaidooj every year. Sisters cook a meal for her brother and serve dishes that he likes.

Why Bhaidooj Is Celebrated
Bhaidooj is celebrated to increase love between brothers and sisters. The main reason behind the sisters giving food to a brother with her hand is that it helps in granting the boon of a long and happy life full of prosperity and fulfillment to a brother. When a sister performs her brother’s arti, it signifies that he will be protected from evil by the light of the arti or fire. Brothers give a gift to show their love for sisters. Sisters give sweets and coconut to her brother.

How To Celebrate Bhaidooj
Girls and women should call their brother to their home and serve a delicious meal to him. Cook your brother’s favorite food in the meal. The sisters bless the brother on this day and he protects her in return. Apply red tikka on the forehead of your brother. Pray for the prosperity, health, and well being of your brother and give a gift to him. The brother too should give blessings to his sister for her well being and happiness. He should give gifts to the sister. Girls can apply mehendi or henna on hands on the occasion of bhaidooj. In families with only daughters and no brother or boy, the girls can consider the moon to be a brother and do the pooja and arti of the moon instead.

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Things To Do For Sisters

1. Cook tasty and delicious food for your brother and serve it to him when he visits you. The food should be as per your brother’s liking.
2. Welcome your brother with tilak and arti.
3. Girls and women who don’t have a brother can do pooja of the moon.
Things To Do For Brothers
1. Brothers should vow to give protection to their beloved sisters in all circumstances.
2. Give money and other gifts to your sister.
3. Brothers should visit the home of married sisters and ensure her happiness and well being.