Astrology behind Bill Gates Richness

What is the secret of success behind Bill Gate’s richness? Well you may debate for hours without reaching anywhere, but his birth chart reveals it all. It is mainly because of strong probabilities he was born with..


William Henry Bill Gates is an American business magnate, philanthropist, author and chairman of Microsoft.

Years ago in an interview Bill Gates was asked about the secret of his success and he pointed towards three things:

• “I was in the right place at the right time”
• “I had long term vision”
• I took massive immediate action”
Then he also added, “And Luck had a lot to do with it”

Many people follow these lines but still fail to make it or make it that big. Soall this leads us to conclude that timely action, vision, consistent efforts and all other factors still need a stroke of luck to make it happen, especially on that big scale.

What is Luck? …

Each person is born with weak as well as strong probabilities of right conditions for certain possibilities in life. These probabilities as indicated by a birth chart constitute the luck of that person. The weaker probabilities can be strengthened and the stronger harnessed with ingenuity, timely action and continued efforts.

The Astrology behind it all …

Let us analyse the birth and other charts of Bill Gates to pinpoint the probabilities which he very successfully harnessed.




Adhi Yog …

In the Birth Chart the beneficial planets Jupiter, Mercury and Venus occupy the 6th, 7th and 8thplacesrespectively from the Moon therefore Adhi Yog is formed.

This yoga gives enjoyments, happiness, luxuries and long life.

In his birth chartall the three beneficial planets forming this yoga are well posited. Jupiter is posited in its friendly Leo sign; Mercury is in its sign of exaltation and Venus in its own sign. Thus the Yoga gets strength and has been instrumental in showering on the native wealth and happiness in abundance.

In Bill Gates horoscope Mercury is the lord of the constellations in which the cusps of the 2nd and 6th houses fall and Venus is the lord of the constellation in which the 11th house cusp falls. The 2nd and 6th houses being of Earthy elemental trinity give strength to Mercury and the 11th house being the house of gains and fulfillment adds strength to Venus. These points make the Adhi Yog much stronger.

Neechabhanga Raj Yog …

On casual glance on the birth chart one is shocked to observe that Sun the lord of the 2nd house of finance is debilitated in the 4th house. But its debilitation is cancelled due to its conjunction with exalted Saturn. This cancellation of Sun’s debilitation forms an auspicious Yoga called Neechbhanga Raj Yog. This Yoga is responsible for Bill Gates king like status due to his immense wealth.

Dhan Yog …

The 2nd lord Sun and the 11th lord Venus are conjunct in the 4th house, giving rise to Dhanayog.

Here in Bill Gates chart this Yoga gains extra strength and auspiciousness as it is formed in a square (auspicious) house and one of the planets forming this yoga viz. Venus is in its own sign.

In the birth chart the 2nd, 4th, 8th and 11th lords’ viz. Sun, Venus and Saturn are all placed together. So a relation among these houses gave wealth as a windfall or using an Indian phrase ‘Chchappadphaadke’

Malvya Yog …

It is one of the Mahapurushayogas and is formed in Bill Gates birth chart as Venus is posited in its own sign in a square house viz. the 4th house.

Because of directional strength gained by Venus in this house the auspiciousness of this yoga is increased manifold.
Due to this yogahe is wealthy, good looking, happy and enjoys a happy family life, he is also blessed with long life, luxuries and comforts of vehicles.

ShasaYog …

It is another Mahapurushayog and formed here because of Saturn posited in its sign of exaltation in the 4th house.
Because of this yoga he has many people ready to serve him. This yoga gave him all good amenities of life.

Important Note: Many astrologers consider this yoga bad so for them let me point out that here Saturn is exalted and also falls in the constellation of the 9th lord Jupiter therefore this yoga becomes auspicious and due to this fact the native is very charitable and instrumental for the prosperity of many people around the world.

Important Role played by Moon…

The Moon which is Bill Gates ascendant lord is instrumental in his extra ordinary richness. The Navamsha Chart reveals that Moon is a vargotamplanet as it falls in the same sign as in the birth chart. Moon is very well placed in the birth chart as well as in the Dashamshachart hence periods of Moon proved lucky to him.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar